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Lil Misfit 03-24-2011 05:12 PM

I've been reading a lot of posts about using seitan in dishes. I am really curious to try to make this myself, as opposed to spending $$ to buy it pre-made.

Does anyone have a really good seitan recipe that I can use to make it myself? I understand it can be an "art" to make good seitan, but I'm willing to try, so please, post away!

Veganess 03-24-2011 05:32 PM

I have quite a few seitan recipes on my vegan recipe blog:

SeitanWorship 03-24-2011 06:29 PM

Buy a bag of Bob's Red Mill Vital Wheat Gluten and follow the instructions on the back of the bag. Super easy and makes a huge batch- I usually freeze half!

Mrs. T 03-24-2011 07:48 PM

Veganomicon Simple Seitan

Bob's Redmill Seitan (if you already happen to have some vital wheat gluten of another brand and don't want to buy more just for the recipe)

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