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otacon451 03-18-2006 08:26 PM

So I'm trying to be save and follow the recommended diet while taking a MAOI. The foods that I'm supposed to avoid include soy. Alot of stuff I have isnt really soy, but it contains soybean oil or soy flour. These products say these are in small amounts, but I still am worried they could cause a bad reaction. I know tyramine from proteins, I'm just not sure if it will be in these other soy products. Anyone know anything about an MAOI diet and different soy products? Thanks.

btw I came across this forum while searching for info on maoi and soy. I'm not a vegetarian at this point, I'm an opportunivore, eating as healthy as I can from what I can find dumpstering.

Gnome Chomsky 03-27-2006 01:21 AM

It is my understanding that it is fermented soy that contains tyramine, and even then, soy sauce contains only a moderate amount.

well, it's been a while since I've checked the relevant literature.

Check this out:


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