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#1 Old 04-01-2017, 02:32 PM
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Help! Not sure what I'm doing wrong....

Hey everyone! Looking for some advice. I have managed to lose over 100 pounds and keep it off over the last four years, so I'm very proud of that achievement. All that being said, I'm still not where i want to be. I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year out of those four and have noticed a tremendous uptick in energy and better workouts, but I cannot seem to manage to lose anymore fat off my midsection. I've noticed it in my arms and legs, both of which are showing more definition and getting a little more vascular, but it refuses to come off my midsection and i have no clue what I'm doing wrong. The boards won't let me post pics yet, but i can provide them when it allows me to.
Sadly, I've been carrying this weight around my midsection for the better part of a year without a change. Here is what a usual day of eating looks like for me:

Breakfast: White Bean Smoothie - 3 Bananas, 1/2 cup of Navy Beans, 1/4 Cup of Pumpkin Seeds, Spinach, Almond Milk, 1 Scoop of Naturade Pea Protein
1 Cup of Oats with Almond Milk

Lunch: Veggie Tacos with Pico, Salsa, Spinach, Black Beans, Corn, 2 Tortillas

Mid-Afternoon: Cup of Oats, Smoothie with 3 bananas, Spinach, scoop of Protein Powder, Cinnamon, Pumpkin Seeds

Dinner: 1 Cup of Brown Rice with Bell Peppers, Broccoli and 2 pieces of Ezekiel Bread with PB2

I also have a weekly cheat meal with my son on Sunday mornings where we get donuts, but other than that, my diet is pretty much like you see above. I workout using the Stronglfits 5x5 program three days a week and do some Cardio/HIIT two days a week. I'm kinda stuck now and need some help. Any advice you guys want to give would be awesome. Thanks for your help!
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#2 Old 06-04-2017, 03:15 AM
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Well done on losing what you have so far! I don't know a lot about weight loss, but going by your diet, it looks pretty high in calories and starchy foods. I would suggest cutting down on the bananas as 6 per day is a LOT. I would also suggest eating less pumpkin seeds as they are very high in calories too. Do you eat tacos AND tortillas for lunch? You could try sticking with one tortilla rather than two and see how you get on. It might be helpful to reduce the oats you're having a snack too as they're a carb and will contribute to weight gain if you're not burning it off. You obviously don't want to go hungry, but this may be contributing to the problems losing weight. Generally your diet is great, very healthy, it might just need a bit of tweaking.

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#3 Old 06-04-2017, 06:02 AM
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I'd lower the carbs like Reikistar said and if you don't see a change in a few weeks check with your doctor and see what he/she thinks.

Fat around the med section that is hard to shift can be (can be, not always is) dangerous fat like liver and heart fat (especially for men).

You might just have to work the abs harder.

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#4 Old 06-06-2017, 01:01 AM
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Agree with the above opinions. Eat less and workout harder.
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#5 Old 06-06-2017, 08:37 AM
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Do you track your calories / nutrients?

As you lose weight you will need fewer calories to continue losing weight, as your basal metabolic rate goes down with the less weight you are lugging around.

I recommend Cron-o-Meter as a nutrient tracker, it's easy to use and will give you a reasonably scientific estimate of how many calories you need to consume to either gain weight, maintain weight or lose weight.

I'm eating roughly 1500 calories a day currently, which is a 500 calorie deficit each day. As 1lb of fat is 3000 calories that results in about 1lb of fat loss a week. It works, but as I'm gradually losing weight, I'm gradually having to reduce the amount of calories I consume.

As I like my wholefoods, and I'm not huge on sweets or fatty foods, I'm getting sufficient volume of food that I'm not getting hungry. I also drink plenty of water (I also use an app that tracks that and gives me reminders).
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#6 Old 06-23-2017, 05:36 AM
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You cannot spot reduce fat. As you continue to lose weight you'll see an overall reduction, but it depends on body shape/genetics etc. I'm pear shaped and when I first transitioned into maintenance I got down to 117lbs (bmi of 18.9). Even being at a very low weight I still had jiggly parts on my lower half, but the top half of me was skeletal-my face looked awful! Once you get your bmi down to the lower end of the healthy range strength training can help fine tune things, but try not to stress out to much about your middle-it's your body and it does amazing things, regardless of the jiggles

What's your current bmi? If you're in the middle/upper range then you have room to lose a few more pounds and that may help as well. At a lower weight 3-4 lbs makes a big difference in how I look now. Also-big congrats on your weight loss! I'm also 4 years into maintenance (50lbs lost), and there's so few of us who are successfully maintaining. Focus on the amazing progress you've made-you're a statistical anomaly and have done something almost no one else has been able to do (maintain weight loss past 2 years). Are you a part of the NWCR (National Weight Control Registry)? If not you really should join so your info can be included in their studies, which helps others who are just starting their own weight management journeys.
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Experimenting with a whole foods, plant base diet, (with a few Oreos and chili cheese Fritos thrown in here and there
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#7 Old 06-23-2017, 04:26 PM
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Have you tried Intermittent Fasting?
I started about 4 weeks ago and have lost a significant amount (minor exercise) and the wife has commented on my muffin top slimming quite a bit.

But like others have mentioned you can't target certain areas of fat regardless of how many abdominal exercise she you do. It will come off depending on body.

Just stick with it CICO and try IF for a few weeks if interested.
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#8 Old 08-30-2017, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by ILuvMyPetz View Post
I'd say it's all the bread. I eat no bread, zero, zilch, nada. I wouldn't worry about the fruits and veggies that is good for you, but the bread is not.
Hi ILuvMyPetz,

The original poster of this thread wrote that she is eating Ezekiel bread, not white bread. Ezekiel bread is made entirely from whole grains, lentils, yeast, and a little gluten:

All mainstream vegetarian and vegan organizations recommend that people eat whole grains. If you have concluded otherwise, could you help us to understand? Please substantiate your claims with links to peer-reviewed studies or statements made by reputable vegetarian/vegan organizations.

In the meantime, please see these links:

The International Vegan Association recommends whole grains:

The Vegetarian Resource Group recommends whole grains:

The Vegetarian Society recommends whole grains:

Vegan Outreach recommends whole grains:

The (vegan) Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine recommends whole grains (see article near bottom of webpage):



Specific recommendations for a healthy diet include: eating more fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains; cutting down on salt, sugar and fats. It is also advisable to choose unsaturated fats, instead of saturated fats and towards the elimination of trans-fatty acids."
- United Nations' World Health Organization
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