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Hi. I have been diabetic for approximately 6 years now and I have been vegan for 1 year (though I was vegetarian since birth). I don't know what to do in terms of what types of foods I should be eating because I notice a spike in my glucose levels after eating beans and fruit. I love both and don't want to give them up, but sometimes even in moderation I have found difficulties. Also, last year my husband and I were expecting, but I miscarried at 4.5 months. Due to being diabetic I was placed on Lantus (insulin) shots and another type of insulin shot that I had to take up to 4 times daily. Well, this all caused me to gain weight and although quite some time has passed since then, I cannot seem to lose the weight. I am no longer on any shots (yay!) but I am now on 45mg of Actos/daily.

What, in your honest opinion, should I do to assist me in achieving normal glucose levels? Also, other than exercise what else can I do in attempting to lose weight?

I struggle with this every day and I want to be free of this disease but I know that's impossible. My father's entire family is diabetic and though I try my best in not allowing it to take over my life...some days it seems as so.

Any advice, words of wisdom, and tips are greatly appreciated!! I am so happy and fortunate to have all of you here to help me with this. I don't feel so alone in my suffering.

Valeria Larissa
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Hi Valeria.

If you're type 2, you most likely *can* be free of the disease! Dr. Joel Fuhrman discusses here how he is able to reverse Type 2 diabetes in most of his patients: http://www.drfuhrman.com/disease/Diabetes.aspx

His recommended way of eating is very compatible with veganism. I have learned so much valuable information from his books and website - I can't recommend him highly enough.
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Val while I am not a beliver in the diet cure for diabeties I do not see the harm in trying the diet out.

I'm type 2 but have spent my whole life with hypoglycemia mine seems to be rooted in genetics not because of what I ate or lifestyle.

Been vegetarian most my life , I am a strict vegetarian so my diet does not have any animal products at all, no egs, no dairy etc.

All beans are low on the GI scale, however I notice a direct change in impact from homecooked beans and canned beans even though canned have no sugars added, I think the fact that corperations do not presoak thier beans to remove a type of carb that is part of beans, short version that carb or carbs give you gas, presoaking helps get rid of it and therefor less gas for diabetics it also lowers it's impact levels I think.

But that is guess work since as I say I notice a differance in myself with useing canned or homecooked beans.

For weightloss, exercise is key I'm afraid but prob 80's of your weight is your diet.

However if you are overweight and have been for sometime much of your mass is likley fat and not lean tissue, and since it takes less calories to keep fat on your body than it takes to supply lean tissue you can weight the same as someone who has lean mass and little fat and if you have more fat than lean mass you will put on weight eating less than the other person does.

So exercise is key specialy weight bearing, do not fear the weights! they are not just for men!

But you want diet information more than exercise so OK.

You need to see a registered dietition if you can.

Here are some basics though eat at least 6 times a day.

Forget about the platefull or half a plate full of food that you think makes a meal, when you are eating 6 to 8 times a day belive me the last thing you want to see is a plate of food.

A small salad, lettice,carrots,onions,peppers, and a few beans or nuts for one meal.

A smoothie also makes another great meal.

More or less it is like snacking all day but not careless snacks everything nutritionaly dense.

The more often you eat the better it is for your metabolic rate, it keeps it chugging right along, you skip meals and it slows down.

Also with eating often you never feel hungry , drinking lots of liquids is important.

Studies show people who drink diet drinks are fatter than people who drink full sugar drinks, is'nt that funny?

So that means forget about sweetened drinks, though I have found stevia does not impact my levels at all, aspertame,splenda etc those all do impact me despite them not having any sugar in them.

Does not mean you are stuck drinking water all the time, water is boreing I admit it, water sucks most of the time IMO despite how much of it I drink I find it boreing at best.

Teas are great, black tea,white tea,red tea,green tea herbal tea whatever floats your boat there are thousands of teas.

Just keep in mind caffine stimlates your adrenal gland and releases Epinephrine, norepinephrine and cortisol , this is bad makes you fat.

Add that to the fact that Caffeine, forces the liver to release glucose into the blood stream. This produces a temporary blood sugar high that is often followed by a blood sugar low when the body reacts by producing insulin to store the excess sugar as fat and you have a great big pile or ickyness to your body.

I'm all over the hibsicus and mint tea personaly, if you want to get real creative mint and lavender tea is about the best drink on earth IMO.

Make veggies the bulk of your diet, followed by beans and nuts,followed by grains then fruit, always combine protien with carbs.

Carotts in hummus, beans or tofu in a salad, a sweet potato baked with pecans and drizzled in agave necter are wonderful.

If you do not have much time to cook lots of things can be made up in an evening and stored in serving sizes in the fridge for the week.
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