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Beets&Beats 05-09-2017 02:00 PM

3rd Trimester insomnia
Guys, halllllp :(!
I thought I escaped pregnancy insomnia and for 7 months I actually slept BETTER than normal and now...I'm averaging 2 hours a night and working right up til I'm due ain't gonna fly.

Thankfully I've finished my Masters work (hence being back on VB as of today. Much to catch up on and since I've been studying the whole time, much to start being involved in!) but therapy takes focus so I do need some sleep and can't spend alllll my time bingewatching Skins and Outlander...

I don't actually know if it's third trimester hormones (my diet has been a bit weird lately) but I assume so because I hear it's normal. Slight RLS but mostly just...can't sleep. Fall asleep fine, wake up a few hours later and that's it.

I'm exercising by walking about an hour a day plus shopping and such.

I take calcium/magnesium and iron.

Any tips? :nerd:

Naturebound 05-09-2017 05:42 PM

I don't have any major tips to help, but just wanted to say congratulations on your pregancy! And on going for your Masters! Those are amazing achievements! I can only imagine between school and your hormones being all out of whack from your pregnancy, sleep would be an issue!

I've never been pregnant so I would hate to tell you to try something that might hurt your baby. I take Valerien root (in a liquid essential oil) and it gives me a deeper sleep, though not necessarily a long one. I'm not sure I would be comfortable taking that if pregnant though. Warm baths, meditation, calming music, total darkness in your room, those are all things that can help. And just having others to talk to during the day, relieving stress. I remember how isolated I felt while studying in school, and always worried about assignments, tests, job prospects afterwords, paying for school etc. I didn't sleep too well my whole time in college lol. You have my deepest empathy!

Beets&Beats 05-10-2017 12:31 AM

Thankyou so much for your wise empathic words!
Congrats on getting through college!
I've actually found I haven't been too stressed by it in combo with pregnancy but am glad that just as my sleep is starting to fail those mental responsibilities are complete. I still have clients and need to be on the ball but it's not about structuring an essay...

Mm, it must be hormones that just didn't kick in til now. The only other change has been swapping from goat dairy (which is my faaavourite) to regular (more easily available for lazy pregnant people and also more likely to be pasteurised which matters right now) and someone said a1/a2 can impact sleep... but Occam's razor or whatever it is...right? Third trimester...sleep loss.

Yes and yay for darkened rooms! And I love warm baths but was told not to take them right now?! I might try the valerian... thanks!
And meditation etc. Mmmm.... even the word makes me sleepy...

SmartBloom 05-27-2017 06:30 PM

On my own experience, for me, it is more of pelvic pain that is why I am having a hard time to sleep. I try to sleep on my left side with a pillow on my back. Sometimes a proper sleeping position could help.

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