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I do my pits. I do not shave my legs because I have a medical condition in which my blood circulation is messed up in my right leg. I broke my leg many years ago, and it healed badly, and the whole area got infected. I tend to scar very badly, and three times have gotten wicked ulcers which I had to go to a wound center for. Any scratch on that leg can turn into a bad problem.

The other leg does not get shaven because I would rather not have to explain why only one leg is shaven.

Due to the ugly scaring I do not wear shorts or dresses outside of the home. I have been wearing dresses over leggings recently though. Long skirts are also in now, which is great.

Luckily my leg hair is very light.
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I have no hair in my body.........
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I recently decided if I'm trying to reduce my waste, I should also be concerned about razors. I did look up a recipe for sugaring wax though...right now I am letting my pubic and underarm hair go, I mean the shaved private parts is not really in style anymore, and plenty of potential partners don't care about that anyway. I also thought about the underarm thing as being easy to conceal in formal circumstances with clothing, it would only be visible in casual situations in a tank top or bathing suit on hot days.

Legs though.'s ridiculous because it's the least connected to hygiene, but the most connected to gender roles that go beyond sex partners. Shaved legs are expected by family, friends, acquaintances, co'workers. So I have shaved my legs.

I did once stop shaving for a winter in college in West Virginia. It was damn cold, the hair kept me warmer I reasoned, and nobody saw it but me. Legs and all, for the first and only time since 8th grade.
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#34 Old 02-12-2016, 09:29 PM
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Originally Posted by RiggerBoots View Post
There's no doubt that there is a definition of beauty to conform to, fashion within that beauty and some do's and don'ts with regards to how we appear both clothed and nude.

Whether or not these stem from higher up the chain of command i.e. imposed upon us, or whether they popular preference i.e. most people agree and share that view, is a matter of contention.

If you genuinely want not to shave any area then I doubt anyone will physically force you to do so, it is however a question of personal perception with regards to that aspect of personal care. Be it by social indoctrination or by the evolution of mass opinion, for better- for worse, the fact is people generally hold views as to what is and is not acceptable, they do judge people based on their appearance. If you wish not to shave your underarms, that's your choice but if those area's are going to be made visible to everyone else then you are putting yourself in the situation where people may or may not stare, judge and even comment. Rightly or wrongly that is the world in which we live. If you wish to protest at this aspect of human nature and societal norms then by all means do so, be prepared however to attract attention and all that goes with it. While not being female I do empathise with the aspects of appearance (and all the work that entails) that it seems women must conform to in order to function within this society, make no mistake about it however men too are placed under pressure to look and behave a certain way etc as well, increasingly so it would seem.

My personal view (be it my own or socially indoctrinated into me) is that a woman can do what she likes, that doesn't mean in the case of underarm hair that she has to show it off, if one does so then they can expect that many people with our society will find it unusual, some will be attracted, some will be repelled, some will be kind, some will be rude,....such is the world, if you put it out there it will be noticed. Whether you can handle that and consider not shaving as to your betterment that you do not care of others noticing, only you will know.

If it's merely down to some kind of protest at the world then I think it's somewhat misguided personally, I'm not suggesting that is the case with yourself and you certainly can but equally why do we have to wear clothes at all? why must one shower/bath? why can't people be all be touchy-feely or keep themselves to themselves? I mention these to highlight that there are many area's of life you could argue and/or protest about but none the less we understand why things are the way they are and that there is consequences for challenging them good and bad.
My motivation is actually to extract myself from corporate funded misogyny (woman there's something wrong with you, try this product) and also because I have decided I no longer desire a partner who would fetishize body shaving, because especially the pubic hair thing stems from pornography. Also, waste is a huge issue for me, and I don't want to keep purchasing razors, though I could learn to sugar wax my lower legs or even my arm pits for social conformity and still reduce waste.

Your example of bathing is absurd. People who smell bad are extremely offensive in a myriad of situations, not just the bedroom, but on the bus, in an elevator or beside you in line. Plus, unwashed people are more likely to contract things like lice and in severe situations are a health hazard because they harbor bacteria. Bathing is a matter of health as well as a basic social function, one of the most basic, far more basic for functionality in a working environment or friendship than shaving or cosmetics.

Touching also is about personal space and having boundaries, while shaving is entirely a personal choice, like getting a tattoo or wearing dresses or having short or long hair on one's head.
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#35 Old 02-12-2016, 09:34 PM
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I haven't done anything to my body hair in almost five years now. It's dark and I'm pale, but to me it is sexy, and I like being sexy for myself. Also shaving has always been painful to me, no matter how careful I was, so that's definitely a minus. I have a female body but I identify as genderqueer. Most people just assume I'm female (I'm okay with that), which is why I'm answering this... because I appear to be a hairy female. I figure you should do what makes you happy with your body, and if that involves shaving/waxing, that's cool, but for me, I'm happiest with my hair the way it is naturally. I've never been with a partner who didn't want me because of the hair, and my husband doesn't mind it, though if anyone had said they didn't like it I wouldn't have changed anything
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#36 Old 02-22-2016, 04:46 PM
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I don't shave and feel better for it.
I just figure... there are so many other things I refuse to do because i don't want to or feel like I need to so why is shaving different? It was for a while but then just...wasn't. I'm 31 and my life is mine.

More time, less denial of natural body-ness, partner couldn't care less and have never felt particularly judged despite fearing it initially.

On the contrary, actually. A few women have come up to me and commented on how they admired my bravery and didn't see the point in shaving but were too scared to stop. Several of them I've seen again and they'd since stopped shaving and never looked back.

I get why people like shaving (I like the moisturisers etc. I used to use but just don't now because it doesn't work as well. That's the only thing I miss and randomly shave for eeeeevery now and then. And yes, I know, I could use them regardless... but...) and I get why people feel they have to (yeah. Society, man....) but I don't and I'm happy and if not shaving makes you happy then I say do it (or rather: don't do it!)!
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#37 Old 05-04-2016, 04:36 PM
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Hi so no I'm not a vegan however I have major skin issues, dry,(eczema) itchy, extremely sensitive skin and a vegan friend of mine suggested changing my face, body, hair, makeup products to vegan. Just not sure where to begin. Any advice?
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#38 Old 05-04-2016, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Bacooley View Post
Hi so no I'm not a vegan however I have major skin issues, dry,(eczema) itchy, extremely sensitive skin and a vegan friend of mine suggested changing my face, body, hair, makeup products to vegan. Just not sure where to begin. Any advice?
Well, vegan products won't have anything obtained from animals, and certainly won't use cruel testing methods just for unnecessary legalities.
Have you tried using light oils, or coconut oil, immediately after a shower or bath, when still warm and damp? I've mixed coconut oil (liquify by sitting the jar in hot water if solid) with a regular unscented lotion> That works really and lasts.

I have tried some awesome organic lotions that were all fruit oils at health stores, but very expensive. Target often has lotions to sample in their organic section.
What does your friend recommend?

Ohhhh-- do you have a Trader Joes? Midsummers Night Creme is vegan and organic, thick, unscented (really, not like a weird scent- I add an essential oil sometimes) and very good for sensitive skin. I've heard people say it's good for excema. totally non irritating. I use it all over, that's what I mixed with some coconut oil at the end of the bottle, but very good on it;s own. I just wanted to let it drip into a jar
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And after a winters growth, it is now shave season!
I really hate hair as much as shaving. I get those red dots on my legs and ingrown hair. I'd love to get it lasered or whatever they do to finish it off.
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#40 Old 05-23-2016, 10:01 PM
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I normally only shave my pits, because my legs don't really have hair. The hair on my lady parts doesn't bother me at all.

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#41 Old 05-24-2016, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by cherries View Post
The hair on my lady parts doesn't bother me at all.

True for me as well. ^ Plus shaving there irritates the skin. I don't do it, ever.

Painful story, I quit shaving for more than a year, two years ago. Two summers included. I liked how my hairy body looked like. I didn't care about random people's opinions on it, I went to the beach feeling like a fabulous hairy hippy etc. Then, in winter, I met my (now ex) boyfriend, who totally freaked out when he saw me naked, so I felt ashamed and I shaved. Then we broke up and I let it grow again, but I was insecure among people to whom I want to make good impression. Like, I picked up dance and didn't want my dance class to think I'm dirty. Or, if I wanted to flirt, a hairy pit could gross the other person out. And I can't blame them, shaving is something even the most rebellious and liberal of people take for granted. I even went to an anarchist group and every girl was hairless. I preferred shaving to explaining everyday to ten people why I'm not dirty for not doing so. I didn't always have the energy to deliver feminist speeches and the reason I used not to shave was because I liked it, not because I wanted to make a statement.

That being said, I miss my hair. Sometimes it made me feel more masculine, which I liked, because I'm a bit of a tomboy, I enjoy messing with genders, I'm not straight etc. Sometimes it made me feel more feminine, in a very natural, unsophisticated way. Anyway, I'm thinking of growing it out again and f*** what everyone says. It's kimd of a big deal to me. Everytime I pick up the razor, I get a little angry.
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#42 Old 06-01-2016, 01:53 AM
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I don't actually shave my lower region as I'm scared to do that.
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#43 Old 06-01-2016, 05:53 AM
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Geez people, do what feels good to you!
I wish I liked leg hair, I hate to shave. In winter I hate seeing hairy legs, in summer I hate shaving. I wish depilatory was way way cheaper.
The thing is. it's such a personal thing. I'm not saying I don't cringe seeing hairy legs on others, men included, but I cringe when I see avocados too, so...
If you're okay with leg hair, grow it out!

My pits are pretty hairless now after years of using a deordorant made with coconut oil, baking soda and corn starch. Could the baking soda have done that? They used to be hairy.

I'd never, never ever, shave my privates. A nice trim, yes.
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#44 Old 06-01-2016, 10:51 PM
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I shave my legs whenever I think about it or if i have to go to a public swimming pool like water therapy however, i only shave enough too just seem like i am shaving , not too excessive plus i get low energy to shave all the way. ...
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#45 Old 06-02-2016, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Bitter Orange View Post
I preferred shaving to explaining everyday to ten people why I'm not dirty for not doing so. I didn't always have the energy to deliver feminist speeches and the reason I used not to shave was because I liked it, not because I wanted to make a statement.
We don't have to give an explanation for everything. Most of the times "I like it that way" works just fine and uses less energy than actually shaving (I assume)
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#46 Old 03-07-2017, 12:06 AM
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I shaved my legs for the first time in a long time a couple of months ago because I was having a nerve conduction test done. I don't shave under my arms just trim in summer. I just do a bit of "bikini line" tidying up because I like to (I don't even own a bikini). I always wear jeans and sleeves.

Shaving under arms in some "western" countries didn't really start until around 1915 and legs in the 40s but you can still see unshaven underarms in Italian (for example) movies from the sixties. So it is a reasonably new phenomena except for the ancient Egyptians and some modern Arabs who remove/d all body hair.

Women shaving was just a fashion thing (fashion dictated by men) and now people think it has been done forever and is essential.

It's your body it's up to you.

There is no necessary correlation between being clean and shaving. If there where men would have to do heir arm pits and legs too. We live in a crowded society so we need to be clean and deodorised.

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men." - Leonardo Da Vinci, Italian Painter, Sculptor, Architect, Musician, Engineer, and Scientist

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#47 Old 03-07-2017, 03:08 AM
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I have a hormone condition called PCOS which causes excess hair growth as well as regularly prescribed prednisone which also causes excess hairgrowth.

Shaving my legs only takes a whole packet of disposable razors...

Luckily I am single so I just trim my lady bits, and otherwise I shave my armpits, mustache (yes.. sigh) and what is visible of abnormal hair growth on my face. But that's all, I am not bothering to shave my legs for anyone unless I absolutely feel like it (sometimes I do).

And my friends call me ''hobbit'' in a loving way for my chubby body and my hairy feet, and I take that name with pride. Proudfoot here!

I'm generally OK with who I am, and if my body hair is a dealbreaker for anyone that sucks for them. I can't help these conditions, didn't ask for them.
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#48 Old 03-07-2017, 09:46 AM
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It used to gross me out on myself and others, but only because I'd been taught and programmed via marketing and such to view it as being non-hygienic and supposedly a huge turn-off to the male species. Grateful to have a husband who kindly accepts me as I choose to exist.

I always experienced painful razor bumps, ingrown hairs, dry skin, and absolutely hated the prickly feeling of the hairs growing back, often within the same damn day I shaved, so it didn't really serve to make me feel better or cleaner or sexier, I just hoped it made me appear that way. Blackheads in the pits were a frequent issue when I shaved, too. I have to laugh now when I look back at all I unknowingly put myself through for so long. It keeps me from crying.

Once I learned of the toxicity being absorbed into my body's largest organ via all the heavily marketed hygiene products I'd been using in my past life, and learned the overwhelming effects to the environment of disposable, aerosol, and synthetic anything, I backed off of hair removal, getting perms, coloring my hair, using hair spray and other outrageously expensive hair products. I also ditched the depilatory creams that I preferred for the privates. I am now super duper sensitive to any type of artificial fragrance in any setting, even from afar.

I had previously been one who had to have every hair in place, even if that meant removing it, make-up had to be on just right, and would spend nearly 2 hours daily, if not a couple times a day depending on the activities and events happening, to bathe, groom, and primp myself before I felt acceptable enough to venture out. The masks had to be just right for the occasion. (this also stemmed from repeated traumas that occurred in my youth - self-esteem had been squashed at a very early age)

The new, much cleaner from the inside out, albeit much hairier me still stays good and clean and all the hairs that were purposefully meant to grow in all the places for a reason are now in tact. My ingrained need to mask my real self to gain acceptance of any kind no longer exists and my hair is finally free to be just what it is. I learned to embrace my greys as my "wisdom highlights" and trim my own split ends.

So much money, time, and energy saved, so much freedom found, and the self-worth I gain now doesn't have to rely on nearly as many toxic props. Deodorant is no longer necessary, either. I just use my chosen moisturizing oil blend of the day under my arms, too, and sometimes in the summer, I'll use a lime for the citrus scent.

I've found after switching to a mostly whole food/plant-based diet for the last two years, I only smell bad enough to offend myself or others if I choose to ingest food that doesn't jive well with my biology, no matter how hard I work or how much I sweat.

I sure do wish there was a way to get some of that cash back from those few decades of steadily dishing it out, not to mention restoring part of the ozone layer and the rest of the environment I'm responsible for taking out with all that hair spray and disposable plastic stuff. Yikes.
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"Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught falsehoods in school. And the person that dares to tell the truth is called at once a lunatic and a fool." ~Plato
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#49 Old 11-22-2017, 10:25 AM
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I hardly shave in winter.My skin always get razor burn . I hate it. Isuper thick leg hair too. I wouldn't shave at all but too scared of what looks I would get.

from nat
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#50 Old 12-09-2017, 10:03 PM
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I think I stopped shaving my armpits about.. 2ish years ago. At first it was because I somehow gave myself a nasty cut! It was painful to even bend my arm, so shaving until it was healed was the only option. In the time it took for my cut to heal I actually liked they way I looked with the little bits of hair growing, even though it was incredibly ichy! The hair is quite soft surprisingly lol. The next thing I stopped shaving were my legs.

I was a bit nervous, honestly, to even walk through my families home with unshaven legs, my family isn't the nicest with "complements." But anyway, I grew more confidence as my leg hairs grew and grew.

Got a nasty comment from my mother about how "its gross and go shave now!" I told her to F her beauty standards and that I liked the way I naturally looked. Meanwhile my dad just laughed and chimed in with how it probably doesn't bother my partner. Which is the truth, my partner actually encouraged me to stop shaving if it made me feel better about myself. MY mother just stopped talking and went back to whatever she was doing.
Not really a polite way to tell her no, but my message was clear.

Live life with magic!

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#51 Old 12-10-2017, 08:03 AM
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I positively hate leg hair, at least for most people. I'd hated how it looks on most men, and certainly my own. It's sparse, it's dark, it's straight. I also abhor shaving. I shave in summer, quit for the winter, hoping that someday it'll lessen like my armpits did.
I quit shaving my pits first, for the same irritation reason. I use a coconut oil, baking soda/cornstarch paste for deodorant and wonder if the soda may have helped in getting of the hair. I only have a few strands left there. I have tried it on legs to no avail

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good
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#52 Old 05-25-2018, 11:12 PM
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I have always had my legs, arm pits, bikini area and eyebrows waxed. I never really shaved my bikini area since I'm afraid to take a razor to the area around my lady parts. I have, however have kinda thought about foregoing waxing but I really don't know if there is a benefit to not shaving. I mean, I love wearing bikinis and shorts and don't know if I want hair showing around my bikini area or having hairy legs. Could someone clue me in on the whole not shaving and if there is a benefit to doing so.
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