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ceryna's Avatar ceryna
03:32 PM 05-25-2004
Hello ladies.

The purpose of this forum is to discuss health issues that relate specifically to women, whether they be reproductive or otherwise. This is a place where you can ask questions or comment about female health issues and receive replies only from other women. If you want replies from VB at large, please feel free to post in the General Heath Discussion forum.

VB gentlemen, please let this be a place for women to discuss "girl issues" amongst themselves. I doubt anyone would mind if you read, but please leave the replies to the women only, thanks. ^^

Any activism-related threads, such as the difficulties women face in other countries/cultures/etc. are best suited to the Activism & Action Alerts forum.

Thanks, and health and happiness to all. ^_^

ETA: The focus of this forum has been redefined, so please adhere to the guidlines above when making posts. Please PM a mod if you have questions about where to place a new thread.

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