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#1 Old 06-19-2007, 11:32 AM
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I will be going to take my in-car test this week to get my license, and was wondering what everyone's experiences have been like. Did you pass/fail? Was it difficult? What did you have to do? Did they ask you to do anything you didn't expect? etc.

I'm freaking out a little bit lol. I can't stand knowing there's someone [in any situation] analyzing my every move. \t
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#2 Old 06-19-2007, 11:48 AM
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I am taking mine in a few months, so I don't have much experience with the test. But I would like to wish you good luck, I hope that you will pass. I can tell you what I have heard about the test. People have told me that you will have to show them the hand signals (for turning left, right, and stop). Show them that you know how to use the turning lights...hum..what else? I guess show them that you know h0w to drive. lol

Don't they usually go through a practice test on your 3rd driving lesson?
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#3 Old 06-19-2007, 11:29 PM
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I took mine in Connecticut; just fyi!

I had driven with an instructor through the typical route beforehand so I could know where the tricky areas were.

It wasn't hard at all, I knew what to expect and it was pretty standard. They're *generally* not out to trick you though there might be some tricky areas you drive through. I got in the car, the tester was a nice older man who chatted and told me what to expect. I pulled out, went around the block, came back, and had to back into a space. That was all expected. I'm sure the requirements are different depending on where you life. In ohio, where my brother got his license, you need to do a cone-type-test.

My test-dude chatted a lot with me, he was very nice. I think he was making sure I could drive with distractions, but my teacher was the same way so it didn't bother me. I messed up backing in the first time, but he let me back up and try to correct it. That was the only thing I did wrong, but thankfully I fixed my mistake!

I would just say you should make sure you stick to the speed limit. Even if it's like, 25. ALWAYS err on the side of caution!! If you're pulling out of somewhere, don't worry about waiting too long for cars to pass. And make sure you don't roll through stop signs - simple stuff like that.

Wow that's a lot of writing... um to sum it up there was nothing unexpected, it was way less stressful than I imangined, and I just made sure to be careful.

My brother reports that his was "easy" just fyi

And if you do make a mistake, no big deal... I failed my PERMIT test the first time around. Hahaha, no one fails that.

Ooh, and to make you feel a little less nervous. I didn't know how to use an emergency brake and for some reason I had too... like I had left it on, or something. The tester actually taught me how to use it! he didn't deduct points or anything he said the first time he learned was driving a schoolbus down a really steepy hill when the brakes went out.
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#4 Old 06-20-2007, 01:06 AM
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Where are you sitting your test? Obviously the tests vary somewhat from country to country, even if it all boils down to making a car go from point A to B in the end. :P

I passed my test on the second attempt. On the first, I messed up on a reverse park two minutes into the test, earned myself a major penalty, and failed.

My second attempt was a load better. I was more confident, yet still managed to mount the pavement at one point. Thankfully, the instructor took a blind eye and passed me.

I've now been driving almost a year now.
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#5 Old 06-20-2007, 02:40 AM
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I took mine in the UK btw.

I failed my first attempt which was on the 11th of june, I've got my second booked for the 20th July but the bad thing is that its the day before my parents go away on holiday so if I pass I won't be able to drive til three weeks after that.

I failed because I mounted the pavemet while doing a reverse park around a car (I'm sure it has a real name) then after that I was all annoyed because I knew I'd failed so I got 4 minors on speed when approaching roundabouts. It was only nine minors overall so really it wasn't that bad.

The examiner was really chatty and nice, he didn't make me feel uncomfortabe at all.

Don't worry about it, good luck
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#6 Old 06-20-2007, 06:27 AM
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I took my first test in a suburb of Kansas City.

I failed miserably because I just hadn't practiced like I should have.

The second one was at the same place. Failed again because the lady that was testing me made me very nervous. That woman was so mean, she made me cry.

I found out later that she also tested two of my cousins and made both of them cry as well.

She's evil, I tell ya!

In the state of Missouri, you have to go through driver's ed or something and I guess get everything approved by the state before taking the test a fourth time.

Luckily, on my third try (in a different KC suburb), I passed with flying colors!

The lady that tested me was very nice and didn't put a lot of pressure on me.

She even told me that she failed the parallel parking (reverse parking) when she took her test years ago.

I, however, did very well! I only lost one point because I parked a bit far from the curb.

But yeah, for me, it took awhile to get it right. If you don't pass it the first time, it's no big deal. Just try again!
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#7 Old 06-22-2007, 04:49 PM
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Ok, so I took the test this morning...and failed. The tester guy came off as a total *******. While I was waiting for my turn to be tested, he passed someone who then got into a fairly bad accident while leaving the parking lot. Then, he failed both of the girls before me - he was even yelling at the one and she was crying.

I made one minor mistake because I was unsure of a situation, but got past it, and he kept yelling/questioning me. I said "I'm just nervous" and he responded "oh is THAT what it is?". He was really rude the entire time, and even had several mean comments to my mom after my test was over. We parted ways so I could go get some slip that said I failed, and he approached my mom and I a few minutes later, being a total jackass. He then had seemingly forgotten why he had failed me, began kind of spacing out,...then was suddenly really nice and "you're'll be fine" before he left. Friggin weirdo.

I'm going to re-take it a different DMV. I don't even want to chance getting him again. ARrrgh.

It ruined my day. I waited for a good 4 hours for nothing. And now, even though he was really mean and obviously hated his job/life, I'm quite discouraged.

Oh, and I'm in Illinois by the way.
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#8 Old 06-22-2007, 05:38 PM
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OMG! I'm so sorry!!!

Thats terrible, I don't even think thats legal!!

I call that abuse, I think you should talk to the DMV about it or something. If he is screaming at you, even for something small, you should report it.

I can't believe that. Don't take it personal, I'm sure your a great driver, that guy is just out of his mind. Even if you were the worst driver (which I'm sure your not), he has no reason to act that way.

Anyways, I hope that when you retake the test you will pass.
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#9 Old 06-24-2007, 09:51 AM
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Aww that sucks! I'm so sorry!

But to look on the bright side, at least you'll have a funny story to tell later on about the random spaced out a-hole who tested you the first time. If you had just been horrible and failed it would have been a lot less interesting
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