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Hotmail wont send email?

10:42 AM 04-17-2015
First of, i keep writing emails to someone important (she helps answers my questions about my dry eyes) i keep trying to reply... I've tried 3 times on my phone, once on the computer and it keeps coming up failed? I could use their website to ask a question, but it wont go through... Keeps saying its failed? I dunno why.... Help please? Usually my emails are fine, but not so far... this is important too its regarding my results so far. Thanks all! Confused... Checked my sent mail and says it sent...????? So confused now! Keeps failing me its failed
- Jinx
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Naturebound's Avatar Naturebound
07:22 PM 04-17-2015
Maybe there is something wrong with the receivers email? Are you sure you have the right email address? I am definitely no technical expert. I have had this happen to me too and it is frustrating.
silva's Avatar silva
03:54 AM 04-18-2015
Are you using the email link on her site that used Microsoft outlook?
What you're describing sounds like what happens to me. On my end everything seems fine till I go to my email acct. and find it failed.
Have you copied her email and sent it directly from your email acct?
Are you copying and pasting and maybe there's a space or something wrong?
These are just a couple things I find, I'm pretty challenged with computers and blindly find my way
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02:27 AM 04-19-2015
Nothing is different email way, my bf thought it was her receiving my emails, still not sure why it's not sending. Ive always sent email ok until now.
02:52 AM 05-01-2015
Are you still having issues with this? It might help if you can include the error message you're getting (omitting personal information of course).
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