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Apple or Android

09:12 AM 08-11-2015
Originally Posted by rasitha.wijesekera View Post
specs aren't everything. iPhones just work. Androids are customizable, but I never really did any customizations that I found useful with my nexus. when it started giving me trouble I moved to an iPhone 5 and that has being perfect for me so far.
fair enough
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ElaineV's Avatar ElaineV
02:55 PM 11-14-2015
Not sure if this has been mentioned yet or not but iPhone's text messaging between iPhones through is encrypted. And Apple has stood up to the FBI to protect iPhone owners' privacy.
Shandong's Avatar Shandong
02:56 PM 11-14-2015
Android, more freedom for the user!
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odizzido's Avatar odizzido
11:42 AM 12-22-2015
I actually have some experience with smart phones now and personally I think both are garbage. Android is an enormous pile of security problems and ios/phone is a locked down unusable turd.
Jasminedesi16's Avatar Jasminedesi16
12:04 PM 12-22-2015
I love my android.
03:40 PM 12-25-2015
Originally Posted by odizzido View Post
I actually have some experience with smart phones now and personally I think both are garbage. Android is an enormous pile of security problems and ios/phone is a locked down unusable turd.
I do have both, but even if I don't agree with the walled garden that Apple has become, I wouldn't say locked down unusable turd.It worked quite nicely, and I know for a fact that they have just the right devices for non-techies.

Now, I'd call them the dark side for a reason that is even more important than you own freedom : I am not quite positive about the situation right now in Foxconn, and even if I'm considering getting a new device, the simple fact that such devices have been assembled by enslaved chinese workers is enough to make me at least think twice.

Android is not insecure by default. What turns Android into an insecure device are the rogue apps. Also Privacy remains the same concern as with Apple devices. Ever heard of Ad Mob?

Apple or Android...?

Hmmm, give me something made under the same conditions as a Fairphone, that works as smoothly as any IOS device (also looks as good as IOS does, with all those lovely little quirks), and gives me the freedom of REPLICANT (free android, google it)...
Lil' Tofu's Avatar Lil' Tofu
04:07 PM 12-25-2015
I always had Androids, but I decided to switch to an iPhone since they're simpler and I don't care much for all the customization. I like it a lot so far.
odizzido's Avatar odizzido
12:19 AM 12-26-2015
Android is not secure largely because security updates either arrive very late or never. Drivers are not supplied by manufacturers so you cannot update/reinstall your OS yourself properly either. If PC users had to wait for dell or toshiba to provide updates like android users have to wait on their manufacturers/carriers it would be a pretty huge problem. Assuming they even bothered to push out updates for your device which chances are they wouldn't.

The iphone on the other hand actually gets patched. This is great, but I find the lack of an SD slot and how they wall you off from everything on your phone to be extremely irritating whenever I am helping someone with anything more difficult than checking email. This is a theme for apple devices too. I remember recovering music off of an ipod once. Not only do they not bother to offer basic protocols to access your information requiring you do use third party software but they also rename all of your files. For example if you put an mp3 file like PathOfExileTown1.mp3 on an ipod it will rename it to jkhaslfkjhgljkhf.mp3. So frustrating. What's extra annoying is they don't have to do that, they choose to annoy you and make things difficult.

When I got a smart phone I had to choose between getting updates properly and having an SD slot pretty much.
tokyobags's Avatar tokyobags
12:16 PM 12-30-2015
Its an iphone for me.

I like that fact that it doesnt requires me to meddle much into the phone settings and details to get it working well and fine.

Some of the other phones before the iphones just has too many little bugs here and there, that sometimes just makes even sending a text message buggy.
08:15 PM 12-22-2016

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12:08 AM 02-19-2017
06:23 AM 01-30-2018
Android all the way
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