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Memory stick - mp3 player

1vegan's Avatar 1vegan
03:18 AM 04-14-2004
I decided to go for one of those memory stick that can also play music files.

But which one ?

I'm willing to spend $100-200 including headphone and rechargable batteries.

Do you have some tips for me?
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automaton's Avatar automaton
09:05 AM 04-14-2004
I went for the Oracom model after reading a couple of reviews. That was a couple of months ago though so there may be some better toys available now.
Max Power's Avatar Max Power
10:10 AM 04-14-2004
Are you talking about Sony's MemoryStick? Those MP3 players tend to be a bit to the pricey end - I only know of one, and it's Sony's running at around $300. Is there a reason you want MemoryStick over, say, SD Card?

If you just mean you want an MP3 player with SD or MMC card, I have the Rio Cali Sport and I'm very happy with it. There are a number of good players out there, though, and I recommend you make liberal use of and
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1vegan's Avatar 1vegan
10:29 AM 04-14-2004
I need something with usb connection to move the 500mb random stuff I got on the office computer. (and I'm not going to transfer that on floppy's)

I also want something like a walkman, so that's how I got the idea.
Max Power's Avatar Max Power
11:22 AM 04-14-2004
500MB file transport + MP3 player in ONE device for less that $200 might be a push. A few thoughts: 512 MB JumpDrive for about $125 - I use one of these attached to my backpack to transport between school and home. That doesn't get you music, but I think that you've gotta spend a little more to get 500MB of data and music on one device, but for the money that's a really good option.
1vegan's Avatar 1vegan
06:55 PM 04-26-2004
Thanks for your advice.

It made me think about it again and I decided to spoil myself and bought and Iriver iHp120.

It's got a 20Gb disk, an Fm radio and a voice recorder, and is connected to the pc over usb 2.0

Downside is that it came with a leather cover

This leather cover was in the box, not on the display and it wasn't mentioned on the website or the reviews
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