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View Poll Results: What operating system(s) do you have on your computer?
MacOS 21 22.58%
Windows 49 52.69%
Linux 19 20.43%
Chrome 4 4.30%
Free BSD 0 0%
other Unix based 0 0%
other 0 0%
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What operating system do you use on your computer?

IamJen's Avatar IamJen
05:43 PM 02-27-2010
We're a split household...a couple of Macs and a couple of others with some crazy thing called "L i n u x".

How bout y'all?
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New England Vegan's Avatar New England Vegan
05:50 PM 02-27-2010
Windows Vista. I know, I know, it's the object of much derision, but I must have a miracle copy on my system because it has really served me very well with no issues.
Vegmedic's Avatar Vegmedic
05:54 PM 02-27-2010
I have never used Mac.

Used Linux for close to 10 years starting with Slackware 3.0 in about 1996.

Microsoft user now. I have Vista on both my computers.
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IamJen's Avatar IamJen
06:33 PM 02-27-2010
What caused you to switch to Windows? Was it Vista particularly?
fadeaway1289's Avatar fadeaway1289
06:35 PM 02-27-2010
Windows user here.
Vegmedic's Avatar Vegmedic
07:05 PM 02-27-2010
Originally Posted by IamJen View Post

What caused you to switch to Windows? Was it Vista particularly?

I actually switched to Windows because I had software for a course that I could not get to work with Linux. I decided that I would use Windows for the duration of the course and then switch back (edit: I am sure any Linux users are wondering why I didn't run both on the same system, but putting Windows on, of course required any other OS to be whiped off, and I figured that the Windows experiment would be short lived enough that there was no sense partitioning to add a second OS after installing Windows). But I never got around to it. Then I bought my laptop which had Vista on it and I thought that I would switch one or the other to Linux, but I have been satisfied with Windows and don't have much free time. Sticking with Windows, for at least the time being, seems simpler for my complicated life. Perhaps if I had experienced the new developments that I am sure have occured with Linux over the past 6 or 7 years I would be less satisfied with Windows.
GhostUser's Avatar GhostUser
07:05 PM 02-27-2010
windows. was using 7 but have changed back to vista due to software compatability ishoooooz.
WonderRandy's Avatar WonderRandy
07:23 PM 02-27-2010
Windows Vista.
New England Vegan's Avatar New England Vegan
07:24 PM 02-27-2010
Originally Posted by rapt View Post


I love this.
JLRodgers's Avatar JLRodgers
08:36 PM 02-27-2010
On my computer: Windows.

In the house (on disks, images, etc, just not used): Windows, Linux, and I believe Microsoft Singularity (NOT a Windows OS, but is a Microsoft OS)
GhostUser's Avatar GhostUser
08:39 PM 02-27-2010
windows vista on my desktop, windows 7 on my laptop.
saxyphonist's Avatar saxyphonist
08:40 PM 02-27-2010
Mac user here.
Veggily's Avatar Veggily
08:49 PM 02-27-2010
i use vista (which i hate) and xp, the hubs uses 7 and linux. if i were more computer-y, i'd switch to linux in a snap.
chryssiie718's Avatar chryssiie718
09:20 PM 02-27-2010
I just installed windows 7 on this computer and I like it a lot. Windows XP is on the other 2 computers. One even has an old kubuntu partition which is never used.
Melanie's Avatar Melanie
10:48 PM 02-27-2010
I use and love Windows 7.
LilBigBug's Avatar LilBigBug
10:58 PM 02-27-2010
Vista. I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. As long as the computer works (and lately it's been acting up), I'm good.
ahw's Avatar ahw
11:02 PM 02-27-2010
I <3 my Unix-based OS 10.6 Mac! <3
DNK's Avatar DNK
03:18 AM 02-28-2010
XP Pro. Probably buy a copy of whatever's new when I need more than 3.5GB of RAM.
beanstew's Avatar beanstew
04:45 AM 02-28-2010
Gentoo Linux on my laptop and development servers (grandiose term for a pile of dusty desktop machines) for work and play, CentOS, FreeBSD and Open Solaris in VMs on my laptop to mess around with.
Indian Summer's Avatar Indian Summer
06:27 AM 02-28-2010
Ubuntu Linux on my netbook and workstation at home. Ubuntu and Windows XP (ugh, only use it to run a video conferencing program and very rarely Word) on my work laptop and Redhat Enterprise Linux 5 on my work workstation. Also messing with a couple of RHEL4 and 5 servers at work.
Nessus's Avatar Nessus
06:33 AM 02-28-2010
I have a MacBook Pro (leopard) and an older laptop set up as a dual boot with Windows XP and Ubuntu. The MacBook will probably also end up as a dual boot once I decide what flavor of linux I want on it.
Capstan's Avatar Capstan
12:41 PM 02-28-2010
Windoze 7.
Faolan's Avatar Faolan
01:53 PM 02-28-2010
I use openSUSE Linux and Archlinux mostly, but I do have a FreeBSD install as well that rarely sees the light of day.
Vgtarien's Avatar Vgtarien
02:44 PM 02-28-2010
On my Mac Mini: Mac OS X 10.6.2

On my Dell: Win7

I have Ubuntu on Virtualbox if I need to use a specific tool.
04:30 PM 02-28-2010
windows xp i'd love a mac though.... feel free to buy me one, anybody!
New England Vegan's Avatar New England Vegan
07:26 PM 02-28-2010
Originally Posted by hoodedclawjen View Post

windows xp i'd love a mac though.... feel free to buy me one, anybody!

We will start taking up a collection....so who wants to start? Come on be the first to cough up some dough. It's a worthy cause.
vegangeek's Avatar vegangeek
10:44 AM 03-01-2010
XP Pro on my laptop, Linux (Ubuntu 9.04) and XP Home on the desktops.
Envy's Avatar Envy
11:28 AM 03-01-2010
Microsoft and used to have OpenSuse.

Now that I've stopped playing WC3, maybe I'll go Linux again.
Savannah's Avatar Savannah
03:52 PM 03-01-2010
MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard....freed from Windows at last! The thing just plain WORKS!
IsoDope's Avatar IsoDope
04:08 PM 03-01-2010
Hello, I'm a Mac!

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