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View Poll Results: What operating system(s) do you have on your computer?
MacOS 21 22.58%
Windows 49 52.69%
Linux 19 20.43%
Chrome 4 4.30%
Free BSD 0 0%
other Unix based 0 0%
other 0 0%
Voters: 93. You may not vote on this poll

What operating system do you use on your computer?

Digger's Avatar Digger
06:57 PM 06-13-2011
Originally Posted by Puppet Master View Post

Windows 7 for some programs and games, Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04) for general use.

Because you are cool.
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Puppet Master's Avatar Puppet Master
11:00 PM 06-13-2011
Originally Posted by Digger View Post

Because you are cool.

11:54 PM 06-13-2011
Windows 7 on my PC, MacOS on my Powerbook.
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07:07 PM 06-14-2011
Ha, I just upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows XP! You heard me right. I bought this quad core rig about a year ago and there weren't any XP drivers at the time. Just for the heck of it, I checked to see if they added XP drivers and they did. Bam! I'm back on my favorite OS. I'm running my customized XP from last year. I have modified dozens of versions of XP in the past. I integrate service packs, hotfixes, Windows themes, etc. Here's a screenshot of a few control panel items I modified (I love my nature theme):

theLaika's Avatar theLaika
10:07 PM 06-17-2011
I rock both -

I used to use XP alot for work as I much prefer it for editing documents in Office and stuff but I'm mainly about Mac. I've learned the way Mac handles creative tools (Photoshop & Lightroom) and I can't complain much with the other features.

I can't say I particularly like the direction Apple is going with OS X - full screen/single-tasking + app store nonsense. We'll have to see...
Thorham's Avatar Thorham
08:24 AM 06-22-2011
Windows XP Pro on my Pentium 3 and AmigaOs 3.0 on my Amiga 1200.
Melanie's Avatar Melanie
08:48 AM 06-22-2011
I posted that I use Windows 7 back when the thread started. For some reason, I never voted in the poll.

Anyway, I now have a dual boot system with Fedora Core Linux (F15 with Gnome 3) as my main OS, and I still have and occasionally use Windows 7 for certain tasks. Well I use it for 3 specific programs(games), and that's it. I love Fedora now, and although I still like Windows 7, I prefer the look and feel and security of Linux.
Herbivorous B.I.G.'s Avatar Herbivorous B.I.G.
06:24 PM 06-22-2011
Originally Posted by theLaika View Post

I can't say I particularly like the direction Apple is going with OS X - full screen/single-tasking + app store nonsense. We'll have to see...

Totally agree.

As somebody who designs on a mac all day, I'm usually jumping around between 10 different things at once. If multitasking takes a hit with Lion, I don't see myself upgrading any time soon.
AeryFairy's Avatar AeryFairy
07:05 PM 06-22-2011
Mac OSX (Snow Leopard)
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
08:15 PM 06-22-2011
Originally Posted by Herbivorous B.I.G. View Post

As somebody who designs on a mac all day, I'm usually jumping around between 10 different things at once. If multitasking takes a hit with Lion, I don't see myself upgrading any time soon.

I really think they should stick to Steve Job's "Macs are trucks" analogy. This allows them to go full throttle with their iPad expansion. That's O.K., but just don't dumb down Mac OS for the power-users who need customizability, functionality.
12:41 PM 06-26-2011
I didn't answer the poll because it allowed me only one choice.

On my #1 hardware station (19 inch tall tower) I have a mutliboot system where I select which OS to boot using OpenSUSE's boot-choosing program (i forgot the name of the pgm already), and I usually boot to Windows XP Pro (Microsoft), but I can also boot to OpenSUSE (Linux), Open Solaris (Unix), or Windows Server 2003. I also have VMware Server (is that the correct version name?; the free version, that runs under Linux or Windows) running under Windows XP, and under that I have Windows Server 2003 and Open Solaris. It has 2 hard drives, a 750 gig for all the OS's and data, and a 500 gig where I put compressed backups. I am planning to upgrade the Windows XP Pro OS on this device, to Windows 7.

On station #2 (15 inch tower) I can boot to Win Server 2003 or Win XP Pro, using Acronis' boot program (I forgot the name of the pgm again). I use this unit for printing, to a laser page printer, via a a parallel port (LPT1). I also have a color inkjet hooked up via usb port.

On station #3 (14 x 13 x 4 inch compact desktop case) I have XP Pro only. I have a POTS modem in this unit and use it as a fax machine.

I also have an obsolete laptop which has little or no practical usefulness, on which I have Win XP Home. It came with Win XP home, but even with a brand new deployment of the OS, and very few programs installed, it takes too long to boot and does everything too slowly. Odd.

My dedicated gps device (TomTom) has a Unix or Linux operating system. I forget which

My wireless router (Buffalo) has a unix or Linux op sys.

I've used a Mac system at work.
pinkyjones's Avatar pinkyjones
09:57 AM 06-30-2011
I have a Macbook Pro that has OSX Leopard and I have a PC that has Windows 7 pro.
River's Avatar River
09:59 AM 06-30-2011
Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard
vegkid's Avatar vegkid
04:10 PM 06-30-2011

pat231's Avatar pat231
08:44 PM 07-12-2011
Fedora Linux.
01:07 AM 07-13-2011
Originally Posted by New England Vegan View Post

Windows Vista. I know, I know, it's the object of much derision, but I must have a miracle copy on my system because it has really served me very well with no issues.

Same here! I actually don't like the new Windows 7 at all, I like the design of Vista much better. I've never understood the hate for Vista.
vegkid's Avatar vegkid
08:26 AM 07-13-2011
I understand the hate for Vista, but I put up with mine. Sort of like having an annoying roommate who is slightly paranoid and asks you for passwords all the time and permission to do trivial household tasks, but makes your life so much easier in the long run.
CountryFreshApples's Avatar CountryFreshApples
08:58 AM 07-13-2011
Was on linux, but switched to windows to play old PC games. I'll probably be back on linux eventually.
markfinn's Avatar markfinn
04:29 PM 07-20-2011
I use windows 7 for my computer. It has good feature like including number of new features, such as advances in touch and handwriting recognition, support for virtual hard disks, improved performance on multi-core processors,improved boot performance, DirectAccess, and kernel improvements.
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
01:01 AM 07-21-2011
I'm running 10.7 Lion. Does anyone have any thoughts so far.

My thoughts:
Mission control is something I can really get behind.
Nice UI changes
I like downloading OS on App Store
Fullscreen is inconsistent.
Launchpad is pointless.
inverted scrolling - WHY??!?!
Clare's Avatar Clare
07:56 AM 07-21-2011
Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard This is my second macbook pro. I've had three (maybe four) PC laptops in the past and I really didn't like them, and most got really sluggish.

I just "retired" my 5 year old macbook for this one, but my old one still works fine, I just couldn't use software I needed for my job and it only could allow so much RAM and I needed more.
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
09:24 PM 09-15-2011
I just got a new Macbook Pro with OS X Lion.

I like:
Core i7 processor powering through photoshop tasks.
Space - I went for a spinning 500GB HD rather than SSD
Build materials
screen brightness
gestures in Lion

I dislike:
Lack of USB ports
resolution on 13"
Have to buy another iCable for my monitor
Another Macbook Pro will no doubt arrive next month.
LilBigBug's Avatar LilBigBug
10:23 PM 09-15-2011
My netbook has Windows 7. Sooo much better than Vista.
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
10:30 PM 09-15-2011
Originally Posted by LilBigBug View Post

My netbook has Windows 7. Sooo much better than Vista.

Isn't that a little heavy?
LilBigBug's Avatar LilBigBug
11:58 PM 09-15-2011
What do you mean?
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
12:11 AM 09-16-2011
Originally Posted by LilBigBug View Post

What do you mean?

A desktop OS on a netbook - seems like it would bog it down to a chug.
LilBigBug's Avatar LilBigBug
12:18 AM 09-16-2011
Not really, no. Keep in mind a netbook only has maybe half or 1/3 of what a regular computer has. I can't change my background (that's kind of annoying actually), and don't have all the freedom that I could do on a regular computer. The only thing that takes forever to open is Word. Haven't figured out why.
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
12:24 AM 09-16-2011
Yeah, it seems like they bundle a special starter distro of Win7. Word is separate to the OS and most likely the full fledged desktop version - which is why you're experiencing startup slowdown. I'd recommend a linux-type: you'll get a speed boost, all customisability you want and battery life increase. If you need windows, I used netbooks with XP on them with much preferable results than Win7 for ram usage in particular.
LilBigBug's Avatar LilBigBug
12:30 AM 09-16-2011
I have no clue what that means. O.o I mainly use this for schoolwork, and taking it to school, hence the netbook and not a regular laptop. Oh yeah, surfing internet too.
theLaika's Avatar theLaika
12:36 AM 09-16-2011
fast = good!

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