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Tom 04-11-2018 01:27 PM

The Houseplant Thread
I hope this isn't out of place, as most houseplants aren't edible. If it is, please move it?

Anyway- apart from my occasionally-indoors vegetables I mentioned in Etherea's "Allotment News" thread, I have a number of houseplants:

Clivia miniata- this is a nice relative of Amaryllis which doesn't drop its leaves periodically like Amaryllis does. The strap-shaped leaves are a nice dark green, but about once a year, it makes a cluster of orange-and-yellow lilylike flowers that last about a month. It's mildly poisonous, so I keep it away from any animal companions when I have them.

The other ones I have are:

A potted Majesty Palm which was being thrown out last summer- it was in rough shape, and winter is always hard on plants, so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it alive.

Offshoots/cuttings of two plants from friends: a Peace Lily which they divided, and cuttings from a Dracena reflexa(?) which had gotten HUGE and was touching the ceiling. Also an Epiphyllum cactus from a cutting someone gave me over a year ago- it's really putting a growth spurt on now, but it'll have to get MUCH bigger before it blooms- the flowers are huge and fragrant, but open for only a night. The plant I got it from grows in a local library, and of course, since the flowers are open only after the library is closed, everyone misses the show.

Tom 08-22-2020 11:12 AM

Update: the Majesty Palm died, which wasn't a surprise; I read up on them and they don't usually do well indoors. The Peace Lily was doing well for a bit, but it declined and died too. The Clivias (all 3 pots) are still going strong- in fact, I separated one or two clumps of them that were getting crowded, potted up the offsets, and gave them to friends of mine. Some of them have bloomed too, much to the delight of my friends!

The Epiphyllum cactus bloomed too: Three HUGE (maybe 5 inches across or a bit more) white cup-shaped flowers with about a jillion petals... which only lasted one night. It was quite a show, but it would have been better to have 3 separate nights with something going on. The Dracena is doing well; there was one long, gangly branch that I cut off and rooted, so now I have 2 pots of them.

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