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beanspud's Avatar beanspud
02:31 AM 07-13-2015
Mon 7-13-15

1. Run a < 3:00:00 Marathon
2. Do a handstand for > 1 min
3. Perform 1 muscle up
4. Perform 3 unassisted pistol squats
5. Increase diameter of measurements by 2"


Chest: 37"
Arms: 11.5"
Hips: 35.5"
Waist: 33"
Theighs: 18.5"
Calves: 13.5"
Forearms: 10"
Shoulders: 44"
Neck: 13.5"

Calisthenics, running, cycling, and swimming will comprise majority of training. Focus will be maintaining consistency of physical activity.

Stretching: 10 min
Handstand practice: 2 min
Bodyweight squat: 2x8
Pull up: 2x5
Push up: 2x10
Dips: 2x5
Alternate leg lift: 1x10
Foam rolling: 2 min
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03:55 AM 07-13-2015
Hi beanspud

Impressive. Are you putting a time limit on your goals? A sub-3 hour marathon is very ambitious.

no whey jose's Avatar no whey jose
04:12 AM 07-13-2015
Wow! Mine look more like:

- Clean the inside of the fridge
- Take a shower
- Binge watch American Horror Story on Netflix
- Eat a sandwich

Yours are decidedly more impressive (and I was proud of myself for deciding to clean the fridge!)
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beanspud's Avatar beanspud
07:42 PM 07-14-2015
Having keyboard issues on mobile, downloaded new keyboard app hoping to fix troubles. Keyboard would randomly disappear.

To leedsveg, running <4:00:00 would be a more realistic goal, I haven't even gotten there yet. <3:00:00 is a little down the road from where I'm at now for sure.

To the other prior post about the snacks in the fridge, I feel you. I justify my dessert baking with physical activity. I have a sweet tooth, and cavities to prove it. Ha-ha.

Replies are great, personally I'd prefer to reply to posts within this journal when also posting a workout. That shouldn't be a rule for journals though IMHO.

Keyboard app install seems to have corrected issues so far.

TUE 7-14-15

Stretching: 10 min
Handstand practice: 3 min
Pullup: 2x5
Pushup: 2x10

Stretching included core work in preparation for handstand; planks, bicycles
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