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fuzzpuddle 05-05-2003 03:38 PM

I am moving to Arizona in two months

does anyone know any veg friendly info about the Tempe/Phoenix area?

anyone need a roomate that has ferrets?

holly golightly 05-06-2003 02:30 AM

im sorry too hear that. i used to live there. blech. funny i moved from phx to seattle (but now reside in sun diego) and i see you are in seattle moving to phx.

anyway i find it is less veg friendly than seattle but it's allright, of course maybe i am just spoiled b/c of where i live now. phx and tempe are a big city tho so they do have plenty of hfs's and veg options that i find during my visits so you should be allright. good luck youre gonna need it.

on a brighter note, if you like hiking, squaw peak and camel back are pretty good hikes and have awesome views on the days when you can see thru that gray layer that covers the city.

epski 05-06-2003 02:41 AM

I take it Flagstaff isn't an option?

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 09:50 AM

Flagstaff is 157.0 miles away and my goal was to live 6 miles or less from work so i can bicycle or walk to work

whay do you mean by the gray layer, 46 avocados??

holly golightly 05-06-2003 10:18 AM

I meant that you can see the layer of brownish pollution b/c its a valley surrounded by mountains so it just sits there in the city.

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 12:14 PM

is it worse than seattle pollution or better or abt the same

could u breathe there?

holly golightly 05-06-2003 12:28 PM

Oh yea! You will be able to breathe. I did not even notice it when I was outside, which was often, but yes it is much more polluted then Seattle. Last time I checked phx was the fourth most polluted city in the states. But it is 100,000 times better than Seattle traffic wise.

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 02:16 PM

in looking 4 a list of most polluted cities i found this:

They suggested that people living in the most polluted city, Steubenville in Ohio,were at greater risk of dying young - by 26% - compared with residents of the cleanest city, which was Portage, Wisconsin.

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 02:18 PM

According to the American Lung Association report, the 10 most polluted areas were Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County in southern California; Bakersfield, Fresno, Visalia, Tulare and Porterville, California; Houston, Galveston and Brazoria, Texas; Atlanta; Merced, California; Knoxville, Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina, and neighboring Rockville, South Carolina, and Sacramento, California.

The cleanest big cities included Bellingham, Washington, Colorado Springs, Colorado, and Lincoln, Nebraska.

holly golightly 05-06-2003 03:01 PM

interesting. when i checked it, pittsburgh (i think) was #1 and LA fell after phx. it was about 3 yrs ago but perhaps it was an inaccurate reading.

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 03:42 PM

I wish I could find an official list

fuzzpuddle 05-06-2003 03:43 PM

and what does 46 avacadoes mean?

i have found that many in the dumpster a few times

do u like guacamole?

holly golightly 05-06-2003 05:04 PM

Hoo the heck would throw away 46 avocados It means thats how many avocadoes I swiped from my step cousin.

no,I love guac

Funkified 05-09-2003 01:11 AM

i lived in flagstaff for a while. but of course, too far for ya

personally, i'm not a fan at all of feenix.

however, i've spent a LOT of time in the area (phoenix/tempe/and tuscon too)...there's plenty of options for you. health food stores and a few really good veggie res. i've eaten at .sorry though - i can't give you a name or number of them.

but worry not, you'll not starve.

i'm in seattle right now for a few weeks. are there any veggie places in everett, by the way? that you know of?

oh and not to bash southern AZ, but the pollution there is pretty least for me - i could always feel it. then again, i lived in flag, and that was some clean ass coming down to feenix always sucked because of the pollution. then again, i'm really sensitive to the stuff.

MyOwnPath 05-09-2003 06:05 PM

Hey, fuzz, i lived in Tempe for a spell. I managed a cafe in a co-op called Gentle Strength Cooperative. Very vegan friendly there, and great folks.

It's on University Drive, just off of Mill Ave.

You'll become very familiar with Mill Ave. Every Saturday we had a drum circle on the street, usually starting around 10 or so, and running till 1 to 3 am.

I have a lot of friends on the street there, some homeless, some just spend their time playing music on the sidewalk like I did. I know several vegans and vegetarians there, but unfortunately, having no computers or phones, i have no way to get ahold of a lot of them.

I do talk to five or six though and can tell them to be nice to you.

Also, there's a Whole Foods on Baseline Rd., a little south of Mill, and a Wild Oats somewhere up north near Scottsdale.

It's not a very veggie/organic place in general, other than on Mill, but I'm sure you'll find your way around. Also, Arizona State University borders Mill, so lots of college age kids around, most of them either really cool or else drunk at the bars.

Good Luck! e-mail me for more info!


MyOwnPath 05-09-2003 06:09 PM

And the great part is you're only a couple hours south of beautiful Flagstaff with it's mountains and snow, a little north of Tucson and the Mexican border, and you have all sorts of climates and terrain within two to three hours of driving.

The bus system is pretty bad, by the way. It's not so bad in Tempe (one bus every half hour to an hour on each route), and it does cover a wide area, but in Scottsdale, Glendale, and Phoenix it stops running early and is very limited. And the A/C goes out on them often. I rode 19 miles to work one day with no A/C in traffic jams, on a 112 degree day! I lost three pounds on that trip.


fuzzpuddle 05-09-2003 08:24 PM

is AZ racist?


Funkified 05-09-2003 08:48 PM


MyOwnPath 05-09-2003 09:30 PM

Not in that area as far as i've seen.

Scottsdale is pretty snooty sometimes, but they just judged poor people. Tempe is very cool, except the occasional white power representative, christian activist, or pro-marijuana psycho souting their point on the corner.


GhostUser 05-10-2003 07:41 PM

Originally posted by fuzzpuddle

is AZ racist?


I'm hispanic, and haven't had any racial problems. It could be because I don't really look it, or "act" it. I go to a predominantly white school, too.

But the vegetarian community around here is growing, I'm noticing. Before, I was SO LUCKY to find and vegan anything in the grocery store by my house. They don't have as many fake meats as they used to (maybe a more vegan, rather than lacto-veg community is growing by my neighborhood?) But they have many more options for me to buy now, than they did a year ago. But there are HFS, I just haven't ever gone into one. heh. It also depends on the area you're in, that you'll find more veggie items in a regular grocery store. I just go a little further into Tempe, or the Phoenix suburb of Ahwatukee (about 10 [or less] minutes away) and there are more veggie options.

For instance, around ASU, there are more veggie options, and restaurants, than South, or West Phoenix.

I live on the border of South Phoenix, and Tempe. But like I said, even here, is a growing veggie community. It's getting easier bit, by bit.

What area are you moving to exactly?

MyOwnPath 05-10-2003 09:11 PM

By the way, fuzzy, I'll ask around about roommates. If you like, e-mail me details about yourself, what you're looking for, what you plan to do as far as work and school, and I'll see if i can match you up with anyone.

In fact I know a girl with a ferret in Phoenix. Maybe you'll fall in love and have Phoenix Ferret kids! Or not.


fuzzpuddle 05-10-2003 11:36 PM

What area are you moving to exactly?

it would be tempe near 8160 s hardy dr or as close as i can get

MyOwnPath 05-13-2003 08:16 AM

That's not bad, there's a bus route that passes there, but it only runs every hour or so. If you have a bike, there's a good route less than a mile over. I rode my bike everywhere, it's all flat, so very easy. I lived on Baseline rd., 4 miles south of Mill Ave. and ASU, and it was a quick ride.


fuzzpuddle 05-13-2003 09:51 AM

i am nervous but any help and knowledge is appreciated

vegygrl 05-23-2005 03:03 PM

MyOwnPath is right about Gentle Strength. I live in Prescott which is 90 miles north of Phoenix, in between Pheonix and Flag. I go to Gental Strength whenever I can get down there. I've been going almost all my life, it's great! Welcome to AZ!:-)


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