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Earthsong 05-09-2004 09:40 AM

To all those of you who are mothers, have mothers, or in memory of your mother: Happy Mother's Day

Being a mom is, IMHO, one of the most important and often under-appreciated jobs in the world. We have three children, mostly grown (aged 24, 22 and 17) and in spite of all the problems and stress over the years, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be their mother.

One last thing, I'd also like to pay tribute to the grandest mother of them all -- Mother Nature -- and all her bounty and priceless gifts.

Have a wonderful day, one and all.

kpickell 05-09-2004 09:45 AM

Yes, Hugs and Well Wishes to all you moms out there.

Kreeli 05-09-2004 10:40 AM

yes! thank you, and happy mother's day from one mama who's still in the thick of it.

tearhsong2 05-09-2004 11:38 AM

Happy Mother's Day!

MZCsmpsns 05-09-2004 11:59 AM

Happy mothers day all you mommies out there!

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