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Originally Posted by Going Green Gal View Post

I really like this thread because my boyfriend is not a veggie. He told me that he'll support me in any decision I make, and so far he's been supportive.

I just feel like down the line we may clash a little. I guess we will have to try and balance our life styles.

I'm just feeling like once we get married how can we both have a satisfying meal? I do not want to cook any meat for him , but he most certainly wont just eat my veggie meals.huh.gif

The more I have transitioned to veggie, the more I cannot stand the sight of meat!

The biggest issue will be if you decide to have children. Having gross meat in the fridge, or relatives bringing dead birds over, will seem like small potatoes compared with seeing your sweet little child chewing on a chicken wing. If you plan on having children, this is an issue you would be wise to work out beforehand. smiley.gif
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An update on my situation is I ended up getting my own place without my boyfriend and my No Meat rule still stands EXCEPT for when it comes to my dog. Her food has meat and a few times I have bought her chicken to take meds. My place, my rules. If I split the rent, I would be more flexible. My coworker and I are talking about getting a place together, she eats meat at every meal.

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If I had my own place, there would be a no animal product rule. I won't have any product of violence, slavery or such exploitation in a place that is supposed to be a haven for me.  


I live with a roomate right now in college dorms, so I don't tell her what she can or can't eat lol. She doesn't really eat meat that much really cuz her dad is a vegan, "strict vegetarian" actually so she is used to having more meat free meals. I don't even see her half the time o.o  My side of the room is decorated in animal rights stuff so that's good enough for me =)

"Why should man expect his prayer for mercy to be heard by What is above him when he shows no mercy to what is under him?" ~Pierre Troubetzkoy
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My boyfriend and I moved in together in August. He is a VERY picky eater (the only vegetable he will eat is lettuce in a Caesar salad or on a burger) and he eats a lot of meat. Since we are splitting rent and it is not my place more than his, there is meat in our home. I will not buy it, cook it, or clean up his dishes. I try to keep his food on one side of the fridge, and we have our own shelves in the freezer.
We cook our own meals...I would LOVE to cook for both of us, but he won't touch anything I make. sad.gif

Before moving in together I lived with my mom and sister, who are both vegetarian, so there was never meat in the house. It took some getting used to, to see and smell meat in my home again. He grills chicken a lot and it's really hard for me to smell...I find myself holding my breath a lot! tongue3.gif He used to leave chunks of chicken in the sink, and after he uses his George Foreman there are meat splatters on the counter tops...I talked to him about cleaning up those things because it grosses me out.

It is still hard for me to watch him eat meat, knowing what it is doing to his body. I'm planning on watching Forks Over Knives with him soon.
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I'm vegan and my girlfriend (who Ive lived with for a number of years) is vegetarian. We dont allow visitors to bring meat into the house as a rule. And since Im vegan, shared meals are vegan by default.
I also have 2 vegan only plates stamped "VEGAN" (my grandma made them for me), though no other vegan only cookware or silverware.

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I stay away from the kitchen if there is meat in there but I have to put up with it in the fridge. I grew up with omnis so it's not too bad. I hate buying meat in the supermarket  but I have to if I get the weekly shop for us. I never pay for it though. The deal is if she wants it, she pays for it. I have to fight being sick when I go to the deli counter every time though :(

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I was pretty lucky (kind of) when I started dating my partner, that we had to do the long distance thing for well over a year.

So, all of our 'meat in the house' discussions were theoretical. But, I agreed to the premise of only eating meat when we were out of the house. It was pretty easy to agree to because I saw the reaction of my partner to meat and how careful he was to not have it. I'd never seen someone read so many labels on foods before.

By the time we moved in together I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian. He bought me some vego stuff with egg in it and quietly remarked "That's the first egg product that I've knowingly had in this house for over 3 years...." Now, I just don't buy things with egg in them. It's too much like hard work to be the only one eating something when, to me, food is something you enjoy in a group situation.

If it's just one person eating it, then it's just a bit boring.

Our house, our kitchen (and future houses and kitchens) will all have the 'no meat' rule.

We're not having kids. If we did, I've told my partner that I would like them to be free to try meat, when out of the house. From personal experience, I've seen kids with really strict vegetarian parents (strict as in- You're not allowed to eat meat) sneaking meat when their parents aren't around. It's easy enough to do, especially once you're at school. I don't think any of those kids are vegetarian now.

I think it's better to just arm your kid with the morals and traits you want them to take with them into adulthood. My parents presented meat as a necessity. But, they also encouraged me to think critically, value animals and act on my convictions.(A fact that I like to bring up whenever it sounds like they're about to bemoan my vegetarianism. I like to tell them that if they hadn't raised me so well, this may never have happened :P). Of course, if I had kids, I'd want them to hold my views of the world because I think those are best. But, in reality, the best anyone can do is offer their kids age appropriate information and the values of what is right to do, when it comes to acting on that information.

(All of this being said, I'm not a parent, will never be a parent. So therefore all of the advice above is based on definite fact and reality of parenting :P)


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