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The Dog Lovers Thread

danakscully64's Avatar danakscully64
12:51 PM 01-23-2010
I love it when animals cross their paws, it looks human-like to me. Here's another of Sweet Pea crossing her paws:

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SomeoneHere3's Avatar SomeoneHere3
09:14 AM 07-10-2013

This is my soul-mate and absolute best friend in the whole world, Mousse (because he's a chocolate lab, we couldn't resist a chocolate name). He means the world to me smitten.gifHe lives at my parent's house so I don't get to see him every day sad.gifI make a point of enjoying every minute that I have with him smiley.gif  I have one of his pictures as my avatar, so I uploaded some other ones that I have. The second one is when he was sleeping in the basement during the forth of july and I woke him up for a photo (he hates fireworks so we move a pile of blankets in the basement with zen music blasting and I put a t-shirt on him, and he has a personal fan blowing on his face). In the third one he is asleep on my leg when I came to visit him smitten.gif

Capstan's Avatar Capstan
12:15 PM 07-10-2013

Aw, Mousse is gorgeous!

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SomeoneHere3's Avatar SomeoneHere3
12:35 PM 07-10-2013
Originally Posted by Capstan View Post

Aw, Mousse is gorgeous!

Thanks blush.gif, he's the absolute best ever smitten.gifsmitten.gif

TaliaBeth1224's Avatar TaliaBeth1224
02:44 PM 01-26-2014

The younges of my 2 "puppies"(far far far from being young but they're both adorably little.) never allows me out of her sight, unless I'm not home.(though, I'm fairly certain she just sits at the door and waits, which makes me not want to leave.) and covers me in her slobber every chance she gets.

LeeLou707's Avatar LeeLou707
02:48 PM 01-27-2014

Aww Mousse is a doll!


I've always been a dog lover. Dogs, pigs and cows :) 


Ralphie is the big white dude and Charley is the little brown guy. I might have gone a little pic heavy... ok, very pic heavy :o What can I say, I love my boys!











Capstan's Avatar Capstan
10:15 PM 01-29-2014

Ralphie and Charley are great!


Here's Lydia and Lauren, my rescue pups. They're still very shy.


lavender phase's Avatar lavender phase
11:10 PM 01-29-2014
Awwe sooooo cute Capstan!
lavender phase's Avatar lavender phase
11:13 PM 01-29-2014

Lola all fancy with nail pawlish! smiley.gif
Embery's Avatar Embery
07:01 AM 02-02-2014

Here is my cute little girl, Shadow.



gracelyn's Avatar gracelyn
09:43 PM 02-03-2014

This is Penny, my English springer spaniel. She is a definite clown and goof ball. She always has to be up in your face or under your feet.

She is always there to cuddle, if you are having a bad day or just because. I could go on and on about my baby, because she is truly my best friend!

Imriela's Avatar Imriela
10:06 PM 02-03-2014

My companion animal is a Min Pin named Gysbourne:


That's the night I got him; he was a rescue from Craigslist. He was as big as my hand, weighed maybe 2 or 3 pounds.




Some more puppy pictures of him being cute:






Trying to be ferocious; grrrrr. hehe





Playing with a German Shepard



Holding his jar of peanut butter.



He does the silliest things with his ears. (This was inside, no wind or anything)



He's almost 2 years old now, but he still has a cute puppy like face.



Decided to just lay down in the water bowl at the dog park. 




Chilling at the motorcycle dealership.













And retarded face picture for last. Tee hee 

Capstan's Avatar Capstan
10:19 PM 02-03-2014

Those ears!!!

Tom's Avatar Tom
09:23 AM 03-26-2016
I do believe it's time to bump this thread!

Last night I was shopping, and saw a woman with a jacket on. It said:

"My pit bull is harmless. It's ME you should worry about."

Right on!
10:43 AM 12-06-2016
Originally Posted by Tom View Post
I do believe it's time to bump this thread!

Last night I was shopping, and saw a woman with a jacket on. It said:

"My pit bull is harmless. It's ME you should worry about."

Right on!
Love it, I'd totally get one if I had a pit bull.

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