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#1 Old 12-16-2007, 09:06 AM
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Recently had to visit the animal hospital with a sick dog. Spent a very long time waiting and observed acts that really make me question patronizing this place or any other like it...

More time and efforts were exerted by the staff and doctors to perform breeder deliveries (dog breeders are increasingly unethical), cropping ears and tails, and de-clawing cats, than was given to the animals that were truly sick.

After consulting a vet tech friend of mine we figured that most vet's make around 50% of their profits from performing unneccessary cruel acts. The vet's sometimes even make up reasons why mutilating animals will help them...what a load of crap to justify making more money at the expense of helpless beings.

Has anyone heard of any animal hospitals that do not perform these procedures on animals? Any ideas how to get animal hospitals focused on helping animals rather than using them just for profit?
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#2 Old 12-16-2007, 09:41 AM
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I've had a lot of problems with those types of places & unfortunately the majority of vet clinics in my area seem more interested in making money (at the expense of pet health) than helping animals in need.

Keep looking for another vet until you find one you like. Good vets do exist. Mine will not declaw, dock tails, crop ears, sell crap food, over vaccinate, etc. Try looking for a holistic vet, they seem to be much better about this type of thing.
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#3 Old 12-16-2007, 11:08 AM
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I used to work at a vet clinic for 3 years, in that time they only performed tail docking once, and declawing a few times. The vets there were very compassionate and would only perform the procedures after multiple conversations with the clients and educating them as to the drawbacks of the procedures. Yes, there is the draw of money, the head vet, it was her clinic, so of course they have to think about the financial end, but they were very good doctors.

It is sad that there are other places that do this kind of thing, but the same can be said for any occupation. Money is a powerful motivator and often times can cause people to go against their beliefs. Ahhh, the power of green.
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#4 Old 12-16-2007, 12:53 PM
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They do declaws at the hospital I work at. They try to discourage it (as a receptionist I ALWAYS do!), but will still do them. One of the doctors does tail docking, none of the others will though ((I've watched her do it and I almost wanted to puke)). We don't do ear cropping or tattooing at all.

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#5 Old 12-17-2007, 04:05 AM
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Here in the uk ear cropping was banned years ago and a tail docking ban was brought in this year. Full declawing is also illegal over here although dew claws can be removed but there is pressure for this to be banned as well. It really shocks me that this is all still legal in the US.
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#6 Old 12-17-2007, 05:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Glitterpixie View Post

Here in the uk ear cropping was banned years ago and a tail docking ban was brought in this year. Full declawing is also illegal over here although dew claws can be removed but there is pressure for this to be banned as well. It really shocks me that this is all still legal in the US.

Hopefully they will follow the UKs lead and start banning this crap. My mom had my cat declawed when I was a child, and I had no idea what it was. It completely changed the cat's personality. She went from being loveable Peaches to demon kitty. Can't really blame her though.

I had a really hard time finding a vet that refuses to do these procedures. I finally found a vet clinic I like a lot, and only one of the vets there does "cosmetic" surgeries. He happens to be the only vet there I dislike too. All of the other vets at the clinic are very friendly.
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#7 Old 12-17-2007, 09:36 AM
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Declawing and any cropping is illegal in Norway too

Even keeping reptiles is illegal here though, and talking in your cell while driving
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#8 Old 12-17-2007, 10:02 AM
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Most of these things are banned. No reputable vet would carry them out anyway. Keep looking, you'll find somewhere decent.

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#9 Old 12-17-2007, 04:52 PM
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Cropping ears is useless and painful. No wonder so many dobies are viscious. The dogs wouldn't need their ears made erect if the humans didn't screw around with the genes. While the majority don't know a thing, the responsible breeders are VERY picky about their dog's vet. Find a good breeder in the area to get their opinion.
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#10 Old 12-17-2007, 05:09 PM
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Here's the American Veterinary Medical Association's stance on some of the things that were mentioned.

My reason for wanting to be a vet is to help animals, if i decide i'd rather perform cosmetic surgeries med school is a lot easier to get into.

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#11 Old 12-18-2007, 10:39 AM
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I never did understand how and why someone would do such things to companion animals they cared about.

I tend to comment on these dogs like this: Nice dog, too bad the tail has been amputated.
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#12 Old 12-30-2007, 09:45 PM
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I have two cats, one a four-year-old from a pet shop and the other a 7-month-old adopted stray. I've never considered declawing them. I trim their nails periodically and they're both pretty patient and tolerant of it. The younger one is very good about using the scratching posts around the house but I have to keep an eye on the older one - he's a contrarian and still goes straight for the furniture. He's always been kind of a brat.

I heard about the American Association of Feline Practitioners on a radio show called Pet Central (broadcast on WGN in Chicago - you can stream it on the Internet as well). This organization seems well intentioned and is against declawing.
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#13 Old 12-30-2007, 10:24 PM
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The veterinary clinic I worked for did crop/dock/declaw. I watched a declawing procedure(quick and easy), but vet did tell me the recovery time is very long, and extremely painful/uncomfortable for the poor kitten. Many risks involved as well. As a pre-vet, I also witnessed live tail docking of pigs and lambs, and was absolutely mortified. My current holistic veterinarian is against all aesthetic procedures and will not do them.

Honestly, there are so many breeds of crop/docked dogs that I sometimes get confused as to which breeds(very few) have naturally docked tails. I've talked to so many people that didn't know that Dobermans have naturally floppy(and cute!) ears, and that Boxers have tails. What saddens and angers me the most is when "dog breed" books use cropped/docked photographs of dogs. It's ludicrous and absolutely absurd, since more than half of those dogs don't naturally look like that.

With a docked tail, it's also extremely difficult for other dogs to interpret body language since ... well, the tail is no longer there and in it's place is a stub. So unnecessary. What a painful price to have to pay for a "fashion trend".
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#14 Old 01-03-2008, 04:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Glitterpixie View Post

Here in the uk ear cropping was banned years ago and a tail docking ban was brought in this year. Full declawing is also illegal over here although dew claws can be removed but there is pressure for this to be banned as well. It really shocks me that this is all still legal in the US.

In every country, there are problems that still go on. In Canada, we also produce fois gras in Quebec and I think the States also permits it. But on the other hand, don't they still allow fox hunting in the UK?

What a wonderful world this would be if all these awful things weren't going on anymore, don't you think?
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#15 Old 01-04-2008, 02:32 PM
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My vet clinic refuses to do declaws. They just don't do them, at all.

I don't know about ear crops/docks, but at the times I have been there, I have never heard a crop/dock being scheduled, nor have I seen dogs in recovery with taped ears.

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