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skarrlett 08-05-2004 04:47 PM

I have just adopted a 4 year old black shorthair, female cat. Her current name is Bijou but I'm not really liking that one.. So, I'm looking for help coming up with a new name. She's a fairly shy girl but once she gets to know you, her motor revs up.

Another other name suggestions would be appreciated.

rabid_child 08-05-2004 05:44 PM

I don't support naming animals human names, because they're animals, and its not like they're gonna be teased in school for weird names. They're fun like that. I chose Suki in honor of our house cat at work Zuki, who was a major pain in my BUTT today, but is nice just the same.

GhostUser 08-05-2004 06:26 PM

I *love* Suki. What an absolutely great name for a kitty!

LadyFaile 08-05-2004 07:33 PM

i chose Suki also, in honour of Gilmore Girls

but in an adult cat i think if you really want to change the name it's best to go with something that sounds sort of like the original name so it's easier for them to get used to.

(ie my cat's name is Moo but he will also respond to Boo)

GhostUser 08-06-2004 09:19 AM

My fiancee's ex and his new wife have a cat named Dharma, and I always thought that was a really cool name for a cat.

The Rev

borealis 08-06-2004 10:10 AM

I vote Abby, but I would spell it Abbie, for Abbie the Cat has a Posse.

Life2k 08-06-2004 10:33 AM

Sharbee (Pronounced Shahr bee)

VegiBoB 08-08-2004 07:07 AM

suki is a cute name

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