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#1 Old 06-29-2015, 12:13 AM
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ex killed my pet.

Hi there,
I had thought I was already part of this forum, though I just hadn't logged on in like a year, but apparently I'm wrong.

I wanted to join to share something bad that happened early 2010. I am posting on a vegetarin/vegan forum as I know you guys are caring and compassionate like me, and will feel my pain. Don't have anyone to talk to, so wanted to vent to caring people like you guys. Im a vegetarian as well and im a very very huge animal lover. I'm the kind of person who has to even save things like bugs, and get sad when they die too. I have tried to go vegan off and on, but with having a food addiction, I can honestly say it is really hard for me to stick to it.

Well to get oa the point of this post, ....back in 2010 I was still with my first boyfriend, unfortunately. (This has to do with pets, I promise.) He was just really terrible, and I didn't have respect for myself to leave, and I was scared of change. He treated me bad since the beginning. Was a pathological liar, basically told me I was worthless because 'oh everyone and everything is worthless.' And he meant it. He would hang out with girls without letting me know and without letting me come along... And just so much. Eventually he became physically abusive and verbally abusive. I mean, so many red flags. So many. He was addicted to porn. He had a folder saved of photos from 4chan, which was suppose to be a collection of funny photos but no. He saved a brutal video of a snapping turtle ripping apart a mouse and .... you could see the mouse trying to swim for his life while you could see the bottom part of his body was ripped off and you could see his ribs..... sorry for sharing this, it's hard for me to even say it. He even had a photo saved of this woman who was cut up into little pieces and then her body parts were put in a row... it was horrible. Looking back at all this stuff, I don't understand why I stayed. Who stays with a man like this? Well he isn't a man, he's a boy.

Well..... one night, a few months after I lost my first pet named Dusty... He was a dwarf hamster... ... He decides to get drunk, and then becomes verbally abusive violently.... like getting in my face telling me to kill myself. And then tells me how he killed Dusty. He suffocated him with one of the drinking glasses we had. He did this because he was jealous of Dusty because he said I was spending too much time with him, and then also said that he didn't want Dusty to suffer anymore cause he had been really sick with respiratory issues.. He was being treated and hadn't been getting better, though not getting worse. He was wheezing. Whether he didn't want him to suffer, it's still cruel he did that. He had no right taking his life......
After finding this out, I knew I should leave him, but still didn't because I was so scared of change and like I said, didn't he respect for myself. So I lied to myself a to try and make myself forget it happened. Bad idea. Not healthy. Also, I had such regret and felt like Dusty would not forgive me for staying with him. I wish I called the cops when he told me this. I so wish I did. He deserves to be in jail. He is a socialpath. He is a creep.

Thankfully we ended up breaking up over a year later, but only because he cheated on me and left me for her. I wish I had been th e one to leave him.

But I thankfully I eventually found a man the year after who not only treated me amazingly well, but also had a love for animals and was a vegetarian, and showed me what it was like to truly be loved by someone.

I just looked up my first ex (the one who killed dusty) on the internet and I saw him on YouTube with a cat video totaling over 2 million views. I just started balling cAuse I wish people knew who he really was. And I wish he had a really horrible life but from what I see, he doesn't. I want him to suffer and to be miserable... but does karma even exist? He shouldn't be owning pets. It just hurts seeing that he is liked, but that no one knows who he really is. He deserves hell. Full on hell for all of eternity.

I have no feelings for him and have not had any for him for a very long time. I stopped having feelings for him since before I got with my current man ( well ex now, but I know we are getting back together. We just need some time... I caused too many issues due to all the past hurt I have been through, and that wasn't fair to him... He never did anything except be there for me and love me) But it just hurts to see someone who is so evil having a good life and being liked. I want to tear him down, I want people to know who he is, I want to ruin his life.

Also, just to mention, he was also once abusive with my pet hamster Hammy. He threw something at her cage while she was in it once... This was years ago.. like 2009. After that, she didn't like him, you could tell. She was very smart. He was holding her once after that and out of no where she bit his nipple. He was wearing a shirt, but she decided out of no where to bite him. I loved it. She never bit before that.

Sorry for writing this. If it doesn't make sense, I am sorry. I was just really mad and upset and was wanting to vent about it. Sorry if it was stupid to post.

I just hope karma does exist and that he burns. I wish I could go back in the past and put him in jail.

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#2 Old 06-29-2015, 01:26 AM
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You can still inform the authorities. Just because it happened a while ago doesn't change the fact it happened in the first place.
You may be able to prevent other animals from harm.

But after that I would cut him completely out of your life, don't look him up on youtube etc as seeing him clearly upsets you, and brings up bad memories.

On a positive note, I'm glad you have found happiness with your new partner. A relationship should be loving, and it sounds like you have found a someone who compliments your beliefs.
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#3 Old 06-29-2015, 01:36 AM
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I'm sorry that happened to you (and even sorrier for Dusty).

Don't dwell too much on the fact you found it impossible to leave that relationship. I know loads of people, men and women, who have been in those sorts of situations and they either didn't leave, or needed something big to get them to leave.

Unfortunately, pets are one of the victims of domestic violence that are often forgotten about. You're not alone in having something like that happen. I have a friend who refused to get a pet because they knew their partner would hurt it, but they stayed in the relationship. It wasn't until later that they realised that should have been a sign to get out.

Whether you choose to expose this part of him or not, is up to you. But I don't think you truly don't have 'any feelings' for him, if you're considering doing that. The fact that you're wanting to expose him, tells me there's a good chance you still feel something (even if they aren't positive feelings).

He sounds like a creep, don't get me wrong. People are capable of change, even the ones who hurt us. That doesn't make the past pain hurt less though.

Edit- Karma, as far as I understand it, is about what happens after we die. Basically, him being a horrible person in this life, will get him in the next. But I get what you mean....Maybe he remembers what he did every day, maybe he pays for it with a huge amount of guilt and self-loathing. Being a bad person actually makes us feel bad, so he could be paying for it without you being aware. (Still not saying he deserves your forgiveness, but it's something that helps me get through the day when someone is mean to me).

It's okay to vent. I'm glad you did and I hope it made you feel better. I also hope you're able to get some closure on the issue. It's never a good idea to look up what ex's are doing, unless you're planning on reconnecting with them as friends. Trust me, been there, ate that sandwich....It tasted like regret.
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#4 Old 06-29-2015, 06:31 AM
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I have zero romantic feelings for him is what I meant, I only have feelings of hate and then of feeling hurt for what he did. But zero romantic feelings!

Yesterday was the first time I looked him up in three years. I stopped having any kind of contact with him over three years ago before I got with my current ex. I got my number changed then. He has no way of being able to ever contact me and if he did I would put a restraining order against him.

I only looked him up cause I was looking up people before him who are family that I cut out of my life because they were abusive to me too. And then at the end I thought of looking him up and then said no cause I had no desire. But then I said 'oh what he hell' and did it but.. Bad idea. When i did it, I started crying because I was so mad for what he did to dusty and I was crying over losing dusty. I didn't look him up cause I have romantic feelings, I swear I do not have any feelings like that for him. I deeply regret that I was even with him.

I just want to see him fail and be miserable. Because I hate him. And he deserves hell.
Anyway I will write more later. On my way to work

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#5 Old 06-29-2015, 07:50 AM
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Poor dusty

Was your ex pretending that he killed dusty or do you think he was telling the truth?
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#6 Old 06-29-2015, 08:13 AM
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What a utter piece of garbage! I am so sorry this happened to Dusty Killing/harming animals is a definite sign of a socio/psychopath. I am glad to hear he is out of your life. Unfortunately, with people like this, exposing him for who he truly is could bring you harm. They don't respond kindly to being called out for being a violent piece of trash.

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#7 Old 06-29-2015, 09:53 AM
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I'm sorry but he is an extremely sick individual. I would extremely mad even if my boyfriend hit my pet! Stay far away from him and try to press charges. People who kill or hurt animals are more likely to hurt people. Poor Dusty
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#8 Old 06-29-2015, 11:39 AM
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Im not gonna press charges now, it's too late. It was over five years ago so it would be a 'he said, she said' thing. And I do not want him back in my life, even if it is to press charges. I have no way to prove it and he would deny it now. But when we were still together, years ago, he did tell me after that night that he still did it. I never told anyone until after we broke up.

It was just disappointing seeing that he isn't having a miserable life. And is liked, well not that a stupid YouTube video with over 2 million views means he is liked.

I just want him to suffer. I was just hoping that karma had gotten to him by now but no. But yeah I haven't had him in my life for over three years and if I ever saw him anywhere, I would threaten to call the cops if He tried to talk to me.

I really have zero feelings for him. All I have is regret of being with him. It was the biggest mistake of my life

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#9 Old 06-29-2015, 02:12 PM
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Thank you guys. I might end up editing my posts to being blank because I am having anxiety for talking about this.

But I don't know.

Thank you guys for your kindness.

I am not sure whether dusty would have made it if he wasn't killed, as he did have a respiratory infection and was wheezing and was on meds for it, ...but he died at 9 months. Very young. He was such a sweet little boy. Anything and everything made him happy and he was always so happy to see you. He had such a cheerful personality.
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#10 Old 06-29-2015, 03:02 PM
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Sorry for any typos etc. Autocorrect issues
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#11 Old 06-30-2015, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by RubyRue View Post
Sorry for any typos etc. Autocorrect issues

That's Adam Karp, one of the very best animal attorneys in the country. If you would like to sue him, give Adam a call. He's superb.
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