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danakscully64 12-13-2015 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by LedBoots (Post 3845113)
This is the kind of stupidity that annoys me about many animal shelters.

Me too. Many people would be annoyed and add to the problem by buying a pet through a breeder. I wouldn't, but I'm tempted to lie in future applications. I understand why shelters do it (so the pet doesn't get dumped later if the landlord finds out), but most complexes don't really care unless the pets are destructive. Our cats are not and we're obsessive cleaners.

danakscully64 12-13-2015 02:33 PM

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Here's the kitty we wanted.

karenlovessnow 12-13-2015 03:46 PM

I'm sorry, danakscully. [emoji45]

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silva 12-13-2015 03:48 PM

What a sweetie!
the rescue I was involved with was very personalized when it came to denying or allowing adoptions.
Could you say one, or both, of your cats are just being cared for and now need to go home?

Jklolted 12-13-2015 06:34 PM

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These are just two of my MANY babies........we have 8 pets (don't worry we rescue and they are all very well taken care of)

Jklolted 12-13-2015 06:35 PM

The last one is something I tried to do for didn't work XD

danakscully64 12-13-2015 07:02 PM


Originally Posted by karenlovessnow (Post 3845289)
I'm sorry, danakscully. [emoji45]

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Originally Posted by silva (Post 3845297)
What a sweetie!
the rescue I was involved with was very personalized when it came to denying or allowing adoptions.
Could you say one, or both, of your cats are just being cared for and now need to go home?

Thank you. I already bonded with her, it sucks :(

We thought about it, but my husband won't let me lie. I have no problem doing it for the cats :p

Kiwibird08 12-14-2015 02:07 PM

Today is Kiwi's 7th 'adoption day'. We will never know his exact hatch date, so we celebrate the day we brought him home instead:) And since we were told he was 'around 10' when we adopted him, we counted up from there and consider him a year older today to (making our beautiful boy "17" y/o!!!:D). Here he is with one of his new toys (he likes sparkly things best lol).

Blue Gingham 12-14-2015 04:40 PM

He has such beautiful coloring. Wow.

karenlovessnow 12-15-2015 05:29 AM

Happy Adoption Day, Kiwi! [emoji173]️

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Kiwibird08 02-25-2016 05:51 PM

He's baaaaaackkkkk..... LOL. The sun came out in Portland today and it was pretty warm (I know, freaky right?). No need to waste a perfectly good opportunity for a walk down to the lake! The little eye of contentment and fluffed up neck says it all:D

Always nice to know your efforts to get them out into nature as much as possible are appreciated!

karenlovessnow 02-27-2016 09:49 AM

So cute!

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Shallot 03-06-2016 02:39 AM

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We adopted these two - a week ago :-)

They've gone from badly socialised to getting into everything and even purring when petted!

Sorry I do not know why they are upside down - I promise they are not bats!

danakscully64 03-06-2016 08:34 AM

They look like bats to me :p

odizzido 03-06-2016 01:08 PM

I think kiwi is telling you to get a lip piercing.

Shallot 03-06-2016 02:54 PM

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Right ... trying again with slightly more recent (i.e. today) pictures

We've done a lot of playing today and I certainly feel that the time I spent making (by hand) a cushion for a cat bed was very well spent

Kiwibird08 03-06-2016 04:51 PM


Originally Posted by odizzido (Post 3928065)
I think kiwi is telling you to get a lip piercing.

He gave me one of those a few years ago to express his displeasure after I left him with my mom for a week when we went on vacation:eek: But the other day he was just giving kisses.

Bitter Orange 03-14-2016 04:49 PM

2 Attachment(s)
"this arm looks tasty"

Bitter Orange 03-14-2016 04:51 PM

I found her skinny, sick and dirty, meowing on a sidewalk, now she's trying to eat me alive. Her name's Simonne, I wanted to give her a philosopher's name. xD

silva 03-14-2016 05:12 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Simonne looks kaaaZzzzy! Does she have the big pupils? Like my dana- the tuxedo cat

silva 03-14-2016 05:14 PM

Any have chrome os? It's stupid hard to figure photos, and I don't know why, or what I do -- all i have that can easily transferred are some stupid car pics! And I don't know how I did that... I sent the cats with my android phone

silva 03-14-2016 05:16 PM

@Shallot --are they sisters/brothers? SO great to adopt together! I have brothers I rescued as older kittens totally feral and they're best friends. And two cats that were found together in a park-- again, BFF's!

Bitter Orange 03-14-2016 05:23 PM

so fluffy, fluffy kitties everywhere ^^

she has big pupils when it's not very sunny, yes. :)

Shallot 03-15-2016 06:17 AM

Yup - bro and sis. They are being right royal pains at the moment - after a week of being adorable they are now being super naughty. Probably because I was home alone a lot last week - and now the fiance is back (after a week's holiday) so they probably feel a bit unsettled.

Butterfly88 12-06-2016 11:22 AM

This is Lilly.

Adoption photo when she was suffering from severe allergies:

Lilly now:

Capstan 05-07-2018 01:52 PM

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Pup-Pup (Fleur-de-lis) relaxing in her easy chair.

Baphomet 08-21-2018 09:00 PM

Tom 02-26-2020 05:23 PM

Kinda happy and kinda sad...

Back in 2006, I took in 5 goldfish from my co-worker, who raises koi; he keeps them in an outdoors pond each year during warm weather, but takes them inside before it gets cold (here in upstate New York). Well, back in 2006, he found that his koi had been joined by about 30 little goldfish; he gave most of them to someone else, but I took in 5 (the most I thought I could take care of if I couldn't find someone to adopt them, which is what I wanted to do).

The years went by, they moved into progressively larger tanks, one died, and I found a home for 2 of them. At the end of this past December, I found a home for the last 2 with a co-worker. It will be nice not having any sentient beings depending on me, but I'll miss them (along with the other animal companions I took in from shelters or friends since the beginning of 1993: 5 cats, 1 hamster, 3 rabbits, 5 gerbils, 4 rosy red minnows).

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