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Gardein Fishless Filet

Thalassa4's Avatar Thalassa4
08:59 PM 01-10-2016
These are amazing, paired with vegenaise tarter sauce. I think they're better than I remember fish sticks being, like what I should have been eating my whole life instead. I had seen others rave about them, and I think the hype is warranted, especially if you make them in the oven (microwave might make them soggy and betray their fishlessness).
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Johnsally's Avatar Johnsally
05:40 AM 01-11-2016
yes, I agree that these are delicious! I just so happened to have had some yesterday and will probably have some tomorrow. I would highly recommend them to anybody. I also recommend the Gardein brand of veg chicken sliders as about yummy!
skinnieminnie's Avatar skinnieminnie
12:36 PM 01-11-2016
Gardein is my absolute favorite. The fishless fillets are so close in taste and texture to actual fish that I got very freaked out the first time I tried one. I even ran back to the kitchen to examine the ingredient list.

Their chick'n products are great, too.
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silva's Avatar silva
05:31 PM 01-11-2016
I never really liked fish and thought the packaged, breaded fish fillets were gross. I love fishless fillets! I always talk myself out of buying them, then regret it...kinda like french fries...
03:19 PM 09-04-2016
I bought the fish fingers from Gardein. The tasted way too realistic for me.
Thalassa's Avatar Thalassa
04:02 PM 10-14-2016
Well I tried the crabless cakes AND THEY'RE EVEN BETTER! No need for dipping sauce, wow, the recommendation to pan fry produces a delightful crispy texture and the added veggies/spices make them awesome.

Thanks, Gardein.
08:10 PM 05-04-2017
OMG I just had two pieces and it tasted just like real fish fillets!

I was craving fish so this is perfect.

Between Quorn chicken patties, Beyond Meat burgers, and Gardein products, no need to worry about staying meat free for the long term!
Dustie's Avatar Dustie
02:27 PM 11-22-2017
I definitely eat too many of these. They are better than fish.
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