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buba11 11-30-2007 06:04 AM

We are Pelle Judd Limited can supply you all kind of Edible Oil Per Metric ton, as you know 1 Metric Ton contains 1000 litres. Our Oil are European and American Standard with Nigerian Origin.We can supply you in small and large quantities. Our delivery estimated time is 2 weeks..and we can package oil according to customers prefared packing.

Used Vegetable Oil

Sessame Oil

Corn Oil

Vegetable Oil

Soya bean Oil

Sunflower Oil

Jatropha Oil

Palm Oil,crude palm oil, RBD PalmOil

Palm Oil

Cooking Oil


Castor Oil

Grape seed Oil

Jojoba Oil

Crude Palm Oil

Palm, RBD Olein

Palm Stearin Organic

Virgin coconut Oil

Kapop Seed Oil

Rapeseed Oil

safflower Oil

Please contact us for more details at [email protected]




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