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Tofu 08-08-2003 03:22 AM

Heard this this morning and thought it maybe of interest

Lothar M Kirsch 08-08-2003 07:01 AM

It has been in the German newscast as well this morning. What the public might not know, it had already been in the medical papers.

Some women need HRT, they should ask for the proper medication as the risk isn´t spread evenly.

Quite a lot of women have been talked into an unnecessary HRT. At least in Germany gynaecologists argued with better bone health and reducing the risk for osteoporosis. The risk of such a therapy is greater than the benifit against osteoporosis. Maybe it was wrong to put hormones into the hands of physicians who are of the surgical school instead of leaving these decions in the hands of endocrinologists.

Lothar M Kirsch 08-10-2003 07:02 AM

Soy isoflavones

I´ve just seen an advertisement about soy isoflavones (Alsiroyal®). Japanese women have less menopausal problems. They have an average intake of 50 mg isoflavones, which are in about 36 g tofu, 15 g miso, 7 g soybeans, or 1 litre of soymilk. Here in Germany a slab of tofu has 400 g, which contain enough isoflavones for 11 days. According to this math it shouldn´t be a problem to get 50 mg per day. The question is: does it work? I think it´s worth a try.

GhostUser 08-10-2003 08:41 PM

my mum is on a combination HRT (oestrogen & progesteron). i have always been against it and am always telling her to try alternative medications. she then proceeds to give me accounts of all her friends who have tried alternative/herbal medications, for HRT and cancer, and how none of them worked and in some cases, made them worse. i am still against HRT and worry about her, but what can i do? *sigh*

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