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kale 08-19-2006 04:33 AM

The gist:

"In order to save the cute, fuzzy animals, we are now going to kill a pile of other, not-fuzzy ones. Good plan, eh??"

Forgive me, but I cheered when I read this...not that i believe in bombing people to get my way...or violence as a means of cohersion at all....still funny to me, though, 'cause I'm a wee bit skewed.

Diana 08-19-2006 04:55 AM

You're not skewed.

The article says the computer "nearly crashed", they received so many protest e-mails.


(Yes, I am shouting. Whaddya gonna do about it? Arrest me?????????)

Mycoolcats 08-24-2006 01:28 PM

welll like i always say, not that i agree with what they did or their tactics, but whatever saves animals or "crusteations" im all for it.

I worked at a shelter before for a short time period... theyd all eat meat for lunch, hoagies/subs etc. then they were going to have a bbq?? Im like you people are always all sad/depressed over your job because your putting down cats/dogs almost daily and you STILL eat meat? I mean this wasnt any ORDINARY animal shelter, it was a shelter that ALSO involved a zoo park for the injured and unwanted farm pets/animals, injured deer, goats, monkeys, elephants, bears etc.. I mean theyre always surrounded by mistreated animals but theyll sure eat the meat from the mistreated ones in the factory farms

Identity_thief 08-27-2006 01:43 AM

You are skewed, well that or I am too. :]

I think throughout time people have been breaking the laws and dubbed "terrorists" for standing up for immoral goings on. Nelson mandella anyone? My point is, if people didn't do that, where would we be? Where would we stand on salvory had the slaves not rebelled and broke laws (shock horror) ? Where would we stand on womens rights and racial segregation.

Sometimes it has to be done. Because something is legal it doesn't make it morally correct.

Anyway, either way, it's nice to hear things working out positivly now and again. :] x

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