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ficbot 08-25-2007 11:38 PM

I remember hearing about a recipe where you cook and puree some vegetables with tomato sauce and you don't even notice the vegetables after. I can't find the recipe now. Does anyone know about this? I want to make a big batch to freeze in individual portions for flavouring soups and pasta. I understand the principle (cook the vegetables and puree them with the tomato sauce) but I am not the greatest cook and am not 100% sure which vegetables go well together and for this this sort of thing, and what spices I should use. I want to pack in as much nutrition as I can and have it taste good and have a little more flavour than plain tomato sauce. And, as I said, I want to freeze it Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Tofu-N-Sprouts 08-26-2007 12:11 AM

I do this, but don't have a recipe. Sorry. I just use regular old spaghetti sauce - often any old jarred variety - and I add pureed cooked veggies - whatever I have on hand.

Carrots, onions, greens and brocolli are good blended in, but I will tell you the greens and brocolli take on a very strong flavor when frozen.

Maybe someone else will have an idea or recipe.

Brown_Windsor 08-26-2007 12:44 AM

I would say do as T&S has said , just throw in some puree or mashed veggies that you like.

Whenever I make my own tomato sauce i thrown in some other stuff just to see what would happen.

That has been things like (not all at once , but sometimes combinations of 2 or more); capsicum, parsnip, carrot, potato, celery, lentils, various beans, mushed peas, cauliflower, sweet potato, swedes, broccoli, turnips, beetroot, anything thats around at the time.

Stuff like onion and garlic are a given.

You can also add parsley, basil and oregano.

They all add to the colour, thickness and consistency a bit and sometimes the taste(which can be a good thing) but most of the more benign flavored veggies go unnoticed.

I would say experiment and have fun. make a small amount first and learn as you go. Its the best way .

I find most good cooks don't usually have defined measurements and recipes, that is from experimentation - the best way to learn.

Its all edible (but then again i eat anything and everything)

Brown_Windsor 08-26-2007 01:05 AM

Double post.

Hi Mum!

CatLadyVT 08-26-2007 05:15 AM

It is one of my favorite things to experiment with pasta. Here is a sauce that I created one day that I loved, and was pretty easy (measurements are approximate):

One large can crushed tomatoes

1/2 cup thinly sliced yellow onion

1-2 cloves garlic, depending on taste

1/2 cup very finely grated baby carrot

1/2 cup very finely grated zucchini

1 Tbsp. dried parsley

Olive Oil

Salt & Pepper

Crushed Red Pepper, optional

Lightly saute onions, garlic, red pepper, salt, and pepper in olive oil. Add other ingredients, stir. Gently simmer at least an hour, or until desired thickness, stirring occasionally.

I don't have a name for it, or I would submit it in the recipe section. It is insanely easy - you don't even have to cook the veggies first - but it is really good.

ETA: If I remember correctly, I went light on the garlic with this sauce so it didn't overpower the other flavors.

karenlovessnow 08-26-2007 05:34 AM

That sounds really good, CatLadyVT! I think I'm going to make this today. I was going to make sauce anyway!

CatLadyVT 08-26-2007 09:58 AM

Cool. Let me know how you like it...and if you think of a good name for it.

karenlovessnow 08-26-2007 12:25 PM

OMG, thank you ficbot for starting this thread....

Thank you CatLadyVT for the recipe. I didn't do it exactly as written (my zucchini went bad so I threw in some mushrooms), but I just had the best pasta ever!!

No name yet....

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