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bumble 11-16-2004 02:43 PM

I am doing a search now..but,if off the top of your head you know of something.I was going to make a mousse,but,I wonder if it might make a soft/creamy cake,too.?

New to vegan-dessert cooking.

formicalinoleum 11-16-2004 03:24 PM

I don't know what you can make with those ingredients alone, but I just made a chocolate "cheesecake" last night that used silken tofu, chocolate, and faux cream cheese. I haven't eaten in yet (still setting) but I did taste some of the filling and it was really yummy.

bumble 11-16-2004 04:20 PM

I found a recipe in 'Garden of Vegan'

chocolate oatmeal cookies.The batter tasted good,but the cookies are not cooking well.

Oh well.I will keep trying.CHEESECAKE SOUNDS GOOD!!

formicalinoleum 11-17-2004 09:56 AM

We ate our pie last night, and my gf said "I feel better about being vegan now, if we can eat stuff like this." It was really yummy. But it turned out not so firm, so it was more like vegan mousse cake. That's just fine with me.

Here it is, in case you want to try it in the future.

1 tub tofutti cream cheese

1 block silken tofu

1 package vegan choco chips

1 stick margarine (8 Tbs), melted

1/2 cup sugar

1 tsp vanilla

graham cracker crust

1. blend tofu, "cheese" and margarine together in a blender

2. add sugar and and about 1/3 bag of choco chips and blend till smooth (or almost smooth)

3. Taste and add more margarine or sugar/syrup to taste)

4. stir in more choco chips (leave these whole)

5. pour into crust and put in fridge for at least 4 hours

ETA: We didn't eat the whole pie last night.

bethann 11-17-2004 10:46 AM

melt the chocolate

puree the tofu in the blender w/a tsp. of vanilla

mix in the chocolate

pour into a graham cracker pie crust, let cool in the fridge for an hour or so.

Michael 11-17-2004 11:14 AM

So easy even I can make it...

12 oz. package of silken tofu

12 oz. package of chocolate chips

1 teaspoon vanilla

1 9" pie crust

Blend tofu until smooth. Melt chocolate chips and add to blender, blend until mixed thoroughly. Add teaspoon of vanilla, blend until mixed thoroughly. Pour into pie crust. Refrigerate.

It's very rich but very good. The omni's at work know it's a tofu pie and still go on about how good it is.

bumble 11-17-2004 11:25 AM

MY cookies..did work out..and somebody who's on the fence about being Vegan(my Fiance) ATE ALL THE COOKIES!!! There was not one to be had this morning!!

Little bugger..

AnnikaBaanaica 11-19-2004 10:01 AM

This is really good (my own recipie)

Healthy Tofu Chocolate "Ice Cream"

Ingredients (use vegan versions):

one package silken tofu (16 oz)

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder

12 packets of vegan sugar substitue or 3/4 cup of vegan sugar

vanilla extract to taste


Put all the ingredients into a blender and blenderize until smooth!! Taste test the mix, add more vegan sugar, chocolate or vanilla if needed. Put into freezer safe container and freeze to desired consistency. (I like to freeze mine until it is hard and then soften it a bit in the microwave). This is really good and really healthy!!!!

Nutrition info for 1/4 (made with vegan sugar substitute) (varies by brand of tofu): 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 6 grams of protein

Serves: 4

Preparation time: 2 hours

You can also eat it not frozen, just chilled as pudding - so good, and it tastes really good made without the chocolate, and with "egg nog" spices instead, so yummy and so is addicting

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