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GhostUser 08-02-2003 10:51 PM

Hi, I just joined VeggieBoards a few days ago (as you guys can tell). Is anyone else here from NJ or the northeast US?

I became vegan on my 23rd birthday of last year, best birthday present ever. I went veggie a few months prior to that the day I read an article by John Robbins. Needless to say the switch has changed my life and the way I view almost everything.

I came to VeggieBoards after taking part in a few web based communities. I really started to grow intolerant of the comments bestowed upon me by omnivores, some of those omnis being my friends. Even the light-hearted jokes became old and annoying. I find it hard to get along with my friends anymore because of me being vegan, they just don't see things the same way and it's so frustrating.

I do cat rescue. I trap feral cats and kittens and get them fixed and vaccinated in hopes of possibly adopting them out if they're tamable. Otherwise the ones that are too wild are set free to live out their lives while volunteers tend to their colonies.

I hope to become a veterinarian. It's a dream of mine and something I would love to do, but lately I've been unsure if that's what I want to ultimately pursue. I've been starting to get more involved in animal rights and was thinking of maybe majoring in psychology or english, you know, anything that can help me persuade people and get my point across. For now I'm a biology major still dreaming of being an animal dr. Ok I'll stop blathering.

Michael 08-02-2003 11:06 PM

Hi Jim! Good to have you here.

I've done quite a bit with feral cats myself. Not so much anymore. We have a good group here in town so I just help out when needed.

grain_girl 08-02-2003 11:14 PM

Nice to meet you, Jim! I think it's wonderful that you help stray cats! I actually just came inside from feeding a couple of strays. Beautiful animals. It breaks my heart that they have no one to love them. I'd do anything to take them in myself, but it's just not possible.

I can totally relate to the annoying comments by the omnis. I'm learning that it's best to keep your cool, and try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum. (which is hard for me ) VB is wonderful because you're surrounded by so many like-minded people. (nice escape from the real world )

I hope to get know you better! Keep posting!

That Alpaca Guy 08-02-2003 11:23 PM

Welcome to VB!

You wont be attacked here. (well, unless you move into the compost heap, and REALLY piss someone off! Hehe )

rabid_child 08-02-2003 11:32 PM

Hi Jim!! Sounds like you and I have a lot in common! I don't live in NJ, but I live in Westchester Cty, NY.. which is the suburbs North of NYC.

I work for a veterinarian (and have for 3 yrs.. this is my fourth summer). I've got three cats of my own, and am fostering a kitten right now (which my brother and his girlfriend decided to adopt when they get their apartment!). My youngest cat, Monchichi (Munchie) was a feral kitten taken out of a coworkers backyard feral colony. You couldn't handle him when he first came in, he was about 5 wks old and terrified of everything, even string! I couldn't get enough of him though, and now he's mine! He's still a little skiddish sometimes, but I think its more that he has his own agenda all the time that he needs to go attend to! The rest of the time he's playful, too smart for anyone's good, and insanely affectionate! His picture, and the foster kitten (Atticus) are posted with the photos here if you'd like to see a few of my 'kids'! I've fostered 3 other kittens this year, and a bunch in the past from bottle feeding every two hours to just having a crazed litter running around until its old enough to be adopted!

Good luck on being a vet! Its a very difficult profession, for many reasons. I actually have no interest in becoming anything in veterinary medicine. I sort of fell into my job and stuck about for a bunch of boring reasons I'd like a PhD in developmental psych (so far, i've got a BA)...

Okay, I've rambled on enough. Enjoy your stay If you ever wanna chat cats or vets, gimmie a buzz!

Cissy 08-02-2003 11:39 PM

Hi! Welcome - I went vegan on my 16th birthday this year, lol - I agree - best present ever. That's awesome that you help cats and want to become a vet - I was so sad looking through the adoption ads at all the kitties who needed homes - I can't even have one because we have 6 rotties Psychology is cool too though.

Welcome - we're all friendly here.

lucycat 08-03-2003 12:18 AM

Aww another cat lover! What a wonderful thing you're doing. I'm sure you'll figure out what you're meant to do. You've made some good posts so far from the few I've read and I look forward to reading more! Glad you found VB!

Oh, and we're almost neighbors - I live in PA, right next to NJ

stonecrest 08-03-2003 12:19 AM

hey jim.. i used to live in NJ but moved across the country two months ago. you should think about doing the same someday but welcome!

GhostUser 08-03-2003 10:19 AM

Hi Jim! I should really look into if there's a cat group that rescues ferals around here. That's a wonderful idea. Welcome aboard!

carnelian 08-03-2003 11:14 AM

Welcome, Jim! Cats are fabulous - keep up the good work!

veganium 08-03-2003 02:44 PM

I find it hard to get along with my friends anymore because of me being vegan

man, i totally know what you mean...

welcome aboard!

vegankittykat 08-03-2003 11:06 PM

Hi, Jim. I'm from NJ also. That is so great that you trap & spay/neuter ferals. I used to do that with some cats in my neighborhood. I totally get the frustration you feel with your omni friends. I think mine just see it as a "dietary choice"......not as a deeper issue, so they downplay the importance, which is super annoying. What veggie restaurants have you been to in NJ/NYC? I like Veggie Works in Belmar and Veggie Heaven in Parsippany. I had lunch in NYC today and dinner there on Friday. I find it amusing/annoying that NYC has more veggie restaurants than the whole state of NJ. Oh well, I really shouldn't least we have a few options. So, welcome to VB!!!!!

kpickell 08-07-2003 03:14 AM

Originally posted by Jim O.

...I became vegan on my 23rd birthday of last year... I do cat rescue.

Oh my goodness, if you lived near me and were gay and single, I'd have to ask you out because your introduction was very impressive. Seriously though, that is very cool that you rescue cats, and congrats on going vegan. I saw your post in Pets and thought I'd find your intro, what kind of dogs do you have? Welcome to the board, and yes, I'm late in replying, but I've been MIA for a week or so.

1vegan 08-12-2003 05:36 AM

Welcome to VB

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