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danielnacel 06-08-2006 10:00 AM

Peace in our World One Friendship at a Time

German Vegetarian Exchange Student Seeks Like Minded Host Family

Aaron, Male, age 16

Country: Germany

Height | Weight: 6'3" | 181 lbs

Born: , Berlin, Germany

Years of English: 5

Other languages: French 3

Interest and activities

[those in CAPS are favorites]: \t, COMPUTERS, MOVIES, TRAVEL, SNOWBOARDING, SOCCER, Listening to Pop Music, Playing Musical Instruments, Television/Video, Video Games, Basketball, Diving, Sailing, Tennis, Rowing

Academic notes: \tB+ Student: 11th grade

Other placement considerations: \tHe loves sports and his playstation

Describe yourself. \tAthletic, Sociable, Musical

Would you participate in sports? \tYes. Soccer (10 yrs), Rowing (3 yrs)

Do you sing or play an instrument? \tYes. Guitar (.5 yrs)

Do you smoke? \tNo. I will not live with smokers.

Do you have pets? \tNo. I will live with pets.

What is your religion? \t. I would participate in my host family's religion if different. It is not important for me to attend my own religion services.

Do you have dietary requirements? \tYes. He is vegetarian

Give two reasons why you're interested \tHe wants to get information about the culture and the people who are living in America.

What are your career goals? \tPolitician.


I am Aaron. I live with my mother, my stepfather and my sister in a flat in the south of Berlin, Germany. Why do I want to spend a year abroad? Of course I spoke with pupil that lived a year abroad. I asked them why they wanted to live there. Many answered that the most important aspect for them was learning English perfectly. Of course the language is an important aspect for me too, but I am also interested in other things. I think a big challenge for me will be to integrate myself in new social surroundings. But I am confident that I will manage that. I observe the political happeings in the world attentively and I have my own opinion on them. I am interested in your political point of view and maybe we will have some interesting discussions.

With Regards, Aaron

For more information please contact Daniel Cavazos Local representative at

469-441-3519 Email: [email protected] or visit our web site at

megveggie 06-08-2006 05:18 PM

I can't help you, but welcome to VB!

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