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MarchBaby82's Avatar MarchBaby82
04:21 PM 03-02-2005
Hey! I'm obviously new here. Just wanted to say hi, check out the site, and hopefully after some more reading begin posting soon.

I have only been a vegetarian since November 2004, but I have really been committed and I plan on making this a life long choice. I do eat dairy: eggs, milk (I couldn't survive w/o milk!), yogurt, and cheese (another must have!). But I don't any ANY meat whatsoever.

I'm looking for support because I'm tired of everyone asking "So why don't you eat meat?" "That is wierd" "I could never do that!"

Drives me crazy, and I haven't even been doing it that long. I come from a very meat eating family and they all think I'm nuts, so I was needing to chat with some others who are doing the same as me to keep me sane and going!

I can't wait to learn of new things to eat and how to cook new things to add to what I already eat!!
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sky73's Avatar sky73
04:23 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome to VB!
GhostUser's Avatar GhostUser
04:24 PM 03-02-2005
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DeathOfDecadenc's Avatar DeathOfDecadenc
04:33 PM 03-02-2005
Hello! welcome to the boards! not eating meat isnt weird here! (u can survive w o milk and cheese sorry had to throw that in)
beforewisdom's Avatar beforewisdom
05:33 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome to VB Jen
Amy SF's Avatar Amy SF
05:48 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome to VB Jen! Glad to have you aboard and congrats on going veg!

Whether it's casual chatting or serious discussion you want, you came to the right place.

*pointing* We've got a nice big overstuffed easy chair over here, right across from it a comfy sofa, over there are a couple of beanbag chairs, and in the corner we've thrown down some really large pillows to sit on. There's a coffee table with plenty of tea, soy lattes and pita and hummus to go around, so get comfy and let's get posting!
Cissy's Avatar Cissy
05:55 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome to VB!
Jinga's Avatar Jinga
06:34 PM 03-02-2005
Hi, Jen! Jen here. Thats Jen over there ... and theres some Jens sitting over there. Jen isn't here right now, but you can't meet her later.

... but really, welcome!
IamJen's Avatar IamJen
06:51 PM 03-02-2005
^5's Jen and Jen, while looking around for Jen and the other Jen.

Ah...what a special breed we are.

Anyway...welcome to VB!
lil_onyx_piggy's Avatar lil_onyx_piggy
07:33 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome, I haven't even been a vegetarian a whole year yet, so I know how you feel, EVERYBODY at school asks me the same thing!
Bunny Hugger's Avatar Bunny Hugger
07:40 PM 03-02-2005

Veganistan's Avatar Veganistan
08:20 PM 03-02-2005
Welcome to VB and thanks for making such a compassionate decision in your life. I haven't been veg for very long either. I don't want to pressure you at all, what you've already done is very commendable and you should be very proud but I have to tell you, I felt the same way about cow milk and cheese but now have found that I don't need or want them at all, so consider leaving it open as a possibility? Part of it was from what I've read about what's in the stuff, and part from what the poor animals go through............. but I digress.

You have made a wonderful step for yourself, the animals and the Earth we all share.

Welcome to VB.
ynaffit's Avatar ynaffit
08:24 PM 03-02-2005
Tofu-N-Sprouts's Avatar Tofu-N-Sprouts
11:14 PM 03-02-2005
Agggghhhhh why can't we just WELCOME our new members totally unconditionally without even the SLIGHTEST comments re: milk, cheese and whatever else they may eat?

Save that for a topic elsewhere on the boards!!

Anyway - that said:

Jen, hello!! Joining the others in saying I am thrilled you're joining us - I'm vegetarian, but not vegan - as are many on these boards. (My sister's name is Jen and she's also vegetarian - so I keep checking to see if by chance she's joined VB yet...).

LOVE the avatar.
BrokenAngel's Avatar BrokenAngel
01:06 AM 03-03-2005
Welcome to VB!!
GhostUser's Avatar GhostUser
02:06 AM 03-03-2005
Welcome to VB Jen. Hope you will stick around for a long long time. I'm a Jen too :P Lots of Jen's here! We once had a Jen thread actually...
MarchBaby82's Avatar MarchBaby82
09:56 AM 03-03-2005
What a welcome! Thanks to everyone. and a special hello to all the Jen's!!

I will keep the possiblity of no milk/cheese, but I love them too much! What if I cut back?? ::grins::

I am still trying to check out the boards, I'm reading so much great info! I will keep reading and hopeful work my way into posting soon!

much love,
aliciam712's Avatar aliciam712
12:25 PM 03-03-2005
welcome to vb!
epski's Avatar epski
08:03 PM 03-03-2005
Welcome to VB. As a moderator here I agree that people should leave the entreaties to drop milk and cheese out of this thread.

That said, tell these people in your life that if they think not eating meat is weird, tell them you recently met some REALLY strange people that don't even eat eggs and dairy...
synergy's Avatar synergy
11:20 PM 03-03-2005
DeathOfDecadenc's Avatar DeathOfDecadenc
11:28 PM 03-03-2005
hey i apologised after i made my comment
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