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Hi from NJ!

03:34 PM 09-17-2019
Hello everyone! I have been a vegetarian for 3 weeks. It wasn’t by choice...my doctor insisted upon it for a variety of health reasons. I am still adjusting, but am very happy so far and more importantly, I feel good! I am looking forward to connecting with other plant-based eaters and learning from you!
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Jamie in Chile
10:50 AM 09-19-2019
Great, let's hope this works out for you. Do you have a nutrition plan? Have you got some tasty and filling new meals? Let us know if you need help with any of this.

Would you like to discuss about other advantages of a vegetarian diet (ethical, environmental) or do you prefer to talk only about the health aspects?
Tom's Avatar Tom
11:42 AM 11-23-2019
Welcome, ryhorn!

I find I still sometimes have to be careful with vegetarian food. The main thing I have to watch out for is salt/sodium in convenience or fast food. I've found that saturated and trans fats aren't so common in vegetarian foods, although if you eat a lot of full-fat dairy or egg, that could also be a problem.

At a recent checkup, my doctor found a vitamin D deficiency; I'd been cutting way back on dairy and eggs, but had thought I was getting enough from the sun outdoors in summer. I take vitamin B-12 regularly too; my checkup didn't show any problems there, so I guess it's working. Anyway, too much vitamin D can be a problem, although that doesn't happen if you get it from the sun.
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