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Hello from Missouri

casper0803's Avatar casper0803
09:18 PM 06-18-2019
Hello! My name is Cassie. I’m thinking of transitioning into vegetarianism and would love any tips for a newb such as myself!
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Tom's Avatar Tom
10:46 AM 09-17-2019
I haven't been on-line so much lately, and just noticed your post. Welcome!

I've been vegetarian since early 1972. I think it's important to try new things to replace the meat, etc you formerly ate- that is, things that replace the protein and calories of meat. How has it been going for you?
Jamie in Chile
10:56 AM 09-19-2019
Hi, sorry no-one replied to you originally. I suggest you get online and look at some recipes but also include simple ideas like these:

Mushroom + tomato + toast/bread
Tofu + lemon juice/BBQ sauce/other flavourings.

Pasta + veg + peppers
Rice + veg
Soy/lentil Burger + chips
Black bean burrito/tacos (I like sweetcorn in mine, or rice, or lettuce, avocado, tomato etc) + salad + Jacket potato + whatever you like
Vegetable lasagna
Sandwiches: cheese with either tomato, onion or lettuce
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Capstan's Avatar Capstan
03:05 PM 10-02-2019
Hello from Wisconsin. Welcome to the boards!
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