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Humansusan 02-03-2019 01:39 PM

I am a recovered sociopath...aka Ethical Vegan(47 y.o. Adult)
Hi all. I have always cared about animals and was very angry as a child that we HAD to kill and eat them. But i learned coping skills. Disassociation. Alcohol. Drugs. Denial. That is not who i am today tho. Have been in trauma therapy a year now(much related to guilt of harm done or witnessed(directly or indirectly) to others and hence myself)) Also sober & clean 15 months in AA. . . I am now living my ammends to these other Earthlings who happen to be of different nations(animals). I've rescued 2 dogs(represent lambs, pigs, goats,deer)...3 rock doves(rep of all foul) and 2 mice(from when i played God without Godlike instructions) having snakes and choosing who lives and who dies. Also a couple lizards(rep of frogs, gators) and many bugs(rep of crabs and lobsters). I am working on not being speciesist also. Thing is, a lot of fellow humans do not want to hear of my perspective as theyre still in denial. So i am hoping to find other humans of like mind lest i become a total anthromorph and self destruct!! I cannot be unique in my thinking....yet i feel alone and sad very often. Its so hard to forgive myself and others and NOT allow destruction of my life. But i must forgive if i expect these other sentients to ever forgive me!! Can you relate at all? If youre not there yet its okay. But if youre past there please message me. Thank you for reading alll the way through, at the least. And thank you for being on this Vegan/ humansoul recovery/ anti speciesism journey with me!!

Jamie in Chile 02-04-2019 02:01 PM

I feel pretty alone in this specific sense of animal rights and not eating meat. I don't know a vegetarian.

There are plenty of others like you, we're just scattered around.

Welcome to the forum and good luck to you!

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