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benjimon 07-26-2017 02:53 PM

Research For Book Character

I'm Ben.
I'm researching for a character for a novel I'm working on (Zombie Apocalypse type of thing).

One of the main characters is a vegetarian, and I'd like to try to portray her as accurately as possible.

If you'd be up for answering a few questions about your vegetarianism and the reasons behind why you became one, please reply or PM me.


silva 07-26-2017 04:53 PM

They would not eat any flesh, not ever. No fish or sometimes chicken.
They would eat well, probably a more diverse diet than meat eaters.
They would not crave meat or feel deprived, and would carry snacks

Spudulika 07-26-2017 10:53 PM

She'd get really excited at discovering nut trees!
If she wasn't very smart she'd grow lettuce and melons (like they do on the Walking Dead), if she was smart she'd grow starchy root vegetables and beans.
As a vegetarian, she might keep a goat and chickens who could feed themselves on foraged foods.

poivron 07-27-2017 08:31 AM

I think that the only way you can portray a vegetarian accurately is by being vegetarian yourself for six months or a year, and recording your observations in a journal. Otherwise, you will risk turning this character into a stereotype of what a vegetarian is, rather than making her a realistic character.

The reason I say six months or a year is that, as with all other things, vegetarianism fades into the background after a while. The first month or so, you will be obsessed with all things vegetarian, but after a few months, you will settle into a routine, and the word "vegetarian" will become just one among the many words that describe you.

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