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dashcap 12-16-2011 11:51 PM

Hello everyone! I am new to this forum, but not new to vegetarianism. I have been a vege for about 12 years and I would not have it any other way. However, i am the only vegetarian person in my sometimes there can be challenges. I'm lucky to have a mother who is an awesome cook though, and she is more than willing to make things especially for me! (I'm trying to convert her haha) Lately I have been trying to go vegan because of my lactose intolerance. It is super hard because I loved cheese and icecream! But I have been more successful than I thought...I am working on cutting out all dairy products! I must say, not being sick is great!

I'm happy to be here on the forum, and I look forward to having amazing conversations with all of you! :}


Phoenix Days 12-16-2011 11:59 PM


dashcap 12-17-2011 12:00 AM

Thank you!

LedBoots 12-17-2011 12:08 AM

It's good to see as Georgia girl here, I have family there.

My son converted my husband and me to veganism. Since I was cooking, finding all the delicious food made it easy to transition.

portlandia 12-17-2011 12:20 AM

Hi and welcome to Veggie Boards

dashcap 12-17-2011 03:25 PM

Hi everyone, thank you!

cultclassic 12-18-2011 02:55 AM

Hey, there! Welcome on board. That's so great your Mother is so accommodating. I hope you like it here.

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