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LittleStudioJewels 06-27-2010 10:08 AM

Hello to everyone on VeggieBoards, it is nice to meet you *shakes hands*. My name is Meghann and I am a vegetarian/vegan with some health issues and questions that maybe you can help me with in later posts.

I'm a stay at home jewelry-maker as I got too sick to work outside my home 4-1/2 years ago and figured, well, if I have to stay at home, I might as well be productive as my health allows. I started out with a gift of vintage pearls, but after finding out how they get to be in our hands, I'm trying not to use them and only use faux pearls and NO other animal components (like leather, ew) in my pieces. I like the challenge and rewards of knowing I'm not hurting anything in the process. Plus, I get to stay at home with my dog, who is very happy about the whole situation, thank you very much

I am looking to try and find new ways to cook old favorites so that my husband (who is not so keen on the veggie/vegan thing) will LOVE meals without meat so I don't even have to look at that section in the grocery store *shudder* Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, how to make sure I'm getting enough iron, as my doctor says I'm anemic and I *have* to eat meat. I say NO! I don't want to, so if you could help me out with that, I'd love you forever

I live in the middle of a HUGE forest in Merrickville, Ontario, Canada, and love to see all of the different birds flying around, the deer walk through my backyard, and the occasional fox or wild turkey try to slink by without anyone seeing them. I try to grow as much of our own organic veggies and fruits as I can, but I am currently fighting the battle of a lifetime with some seriously invasive weeds. Still, I got 3 whole strawberries this year (from new plants) and they were the best I've ever tasted.

I really look forward to meeting you all and talking food, fun and love and respect for animals and the environment



jeneticallymodified 06-27-2010 11:15 AM


i think next time you get into a decent sized city you should get yourself a pile of delicious treats from a few large supermarkets and some healthfood shops (looks like ottawa is your closest one- if it was toronto i coulda given slightly better suggestions) - including trying a few fake meats and some of the newer fake cheeses and whatnot (like the delicious coconut and agave icecream sorta thing). there have to be some soy mince or cutlet type products that your husband doesn't hate. if my bloke has a few favourites (and is a confirmed wendys addict) then there is hope for everyone elses!

your doctor obviously wasn't paying attention in school if he thinks you have to eat meat for iron. while you could try using cast iron pans and eating loads of (non spinachy) leafy greens with vitamin c on the side or molasses (yuck), i reckon i'd go straight for a decent iron supplement- this one (spatone) is very well respected where i'm from (the UK) and available internationally too.

http://www.nelsonsna... (a buck a day isn't dreadful really- and there is no weird crap in there to upset your tummy or be made from animals either! )

nice to meet you, and hope to see you around- welcome to veggieboards!

amhappy1 06-27-2010 12:32 PM

Hello and welcome to VB! If you're going to try molasses for iron, I like it mixed in soymilk. Sometimes doctors forget that they aren't nutritionists.

LittleStudioJewels 06-27-2010 02:49 PM

Thank you so much! I have food allergies so I have to be careful with processed stuff, but I will surely try some fake meats for him, that is a great idea.

I'll also look into the molasses in soy milk idea, as well as an iron supplement. I'm taking so many vitamins already, what is one more, right?

Thanks for the welcome, have a great day

Update: after steaming some Tempeh, I sauteed it in some veggie broth, tamari sauce and olive oil...I left a few pieces on a plate on the counter....hubby comes up to me chewing on something and says, "You know, this tempeh stuff isn't half haven't been sneaking it in my food have you?"

I said "No, I haven't, but you actually like it?"

He said, "Yeah, it's pretty good, tastes kinda like hash browns, I might try some more later"

SUCCESS!!! *wicked grin*

jeneticallymodified 06-27-2010 03:09 PM

if you bake some tofu with some oil and soy sauce/tamari/braggs and other stuff so that its chewy and salty and crispy and delicious you may find that gets stolen off kitchen counters too. mysteriously happens a lot in my house when the bf is around.

i have food allergies too! what you trying to avoid? wheat? wheat hates everybody. well, it hates me, anyway.

LittleStudioJewels 06-27-2010 03:22 PM

LOL, the list is HUGE right now because of my auto-immune and GERD issues, though that will become less restrictive in a few months (I hope).

Mainly, no gluten, animal products (obviously!), corn, spicy foods, garlic, alcohol, most nuts and seeds (for now), mushrooms *whimper*, and many more. I'll still cook most of that for hubby though. But not corn or gluten. I've given in to his animal stuff in the past as I don't know what to do for his picky self, but I'll try that tofu baked in tamari. I also have a recipe to dry fry it and then add teriyaki sauce to it. I make my own sauce, and if you steam tempeh over water and then saute the tempeh in the teriyaki, it turns out to be incredible. as in, "who needs a man" incredible, LOL!

silva 06-27-2010 04:31 PM

My sons just love the tofu jerky! I slice mine as thin as possible and use a mix of Braggs amino acid (instead of tamari), a few drops of maple syrup (or agave) and bake at 300 farenheit for about an hour, turning once. It is yummy- and packable.

I also love my cast iron pan and skillet. My iron levels have gone up since going vegan! I couldn't even donate blood before!

Dark leafy greens, beans and grains with vegetable are definity my no-plan meal, and loaded with iron, protein, and vitamins. The right seasonings and any meateater should love it. Liquid smoke helps a lot.

LittleStudioJewels 06-27-2010 04:42 PM

Tofu Jerky! Now my mouth is literally watering!!! Oh man, I have to try that, thank you!

I don't know if I can use a cast iron pan on my stove - I have a ceramic cooktop oven and they are very picky about what you can put on them. I'll take a look though.

I eat tons of lentils, brown rice, spinach, all that delicious stuff. I don't know why I'm anemic still, it is ridiculous. I've been veggie for a few years, but vegan is new-ish to me. Really I was doing vegan before, but I'd sneak cheese and then get sick, which serves me right! Now I need to find affordable vegan clothing and shoes. Particularly affordable weddings shoes. If I'm not going to wear them again, they need to be affordable!

I think I might need to get a couple more cookbooks (LOL I have 2 shelves devoted to cookbooks, like i need more!) for vegans with food allergies to gluten. I have a really good one for uncheeses - The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook. it is to die for and VEGAN

Anyone have a good vegan sausage recipe without gluten or corn?

sara.q.platypus 06-27-2010 07:31 PM

I am so making some tofu jerky tomorrow- thanks!!!!! (maybe tonight, even. lol)

@rno 06-28-2010 12:53 AM

Welcome to VB.

LittleStudioJewels 06-29-2010 06:43 AM

Thank you everyone for your kind hellos and ideas - I'm really excited to be here

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