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Storing Green Beans WITHOUT Freezing?

09:31 PM 09-23-2017
Green beans are one of my hardest foods to buy in bulk and keep good for a week or even two.

I do not want frozen or canned green beans, I want the raw snap of fresh green beans. I usually have to buy a large bag and sift through them at home for the good ones to eat raw, then the rest starting to loose a little firmness I use in cooking.

I was wondering if anyone stores their green beans in water? This is how I store my carrots for 1-2 weeks. I fill a large tub in my fridge with water and let the carrots just sit in water until ready to use or else they can dry out. I was thinking about trying the same thing with my green beans but was wondering if anyone else has any experience with storing fresh green beans?

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01:54 AM 05-30-2018
Thanks for the advice!
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