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For those of us who suffer from chronic flatulence (farting), it is no laughing matter. Not only is it a tremendous social embarrassment to the point where it can make socializing and even working with others unbearable, but it is also a medical danger, as chronic flatulence is associated with heart disease. My family, on my father's side, has been cursed with this genetic weakness, and yes, I have watched my father and all his brothers fall dead of heart attacks at very young ages. The medical community (naturally) has no cure for chronic flatulence. I have not found one in the alternative health community, either. Now, however, I am delighted to report that I have found a cure. Not only has this cure healed me of this disease, it has healed me quite literally of all illness, including chronic fatigue which I had since 1973. I'm approaching my 50th birthday, but I feel as if I were in my early 20's!

\tWe in the modern world act like the biggest ignoramuses imaginable when it comes to nutrition. "Common wisdom" would have us believe we should practice "moderation in all things". My response to that is how much arsenic would you consider "moderate"? Or, would you care to join Socrates in a cup of hickory tea? "Moderation" in toxins is idiocy...idiocy practiced on a mass scale and not only condoned, but eulogized, in this most insane of all imaginable societies. Not only that, they consider us to be radicals, and that's putting it nicely. You don't urinate in your gas tank, do you? Why would you put anything less than "premium fuel" into your body? Furthermore, what other animal cooks its food? It's absurd on its face! When we cook food, we kill the enzymes that we need to digest it. If Nature had intended us to eat cooked food, surely it would be cooked for us!

\tEnough of my rant. I have searched for the ideal diet ever since 1979 when I discovered that I had an illness that nobody understood, one that later was given the name "chronic fatigue syndrome". About half a year ago I happened upon the "80/10/10", 80% raw fruit, 10% raw vegetables and 10% raw nuts. Within 2 months this cured me of my CFS! Month by month my strength increased and I felt more youthful. Then something even more incredible happened. To digress, my mother was a recording artist with an incredible voice. I have always wanted to sing, but I had mucus clogging up my "mask", or the sinus passages, so no matter how much training I had, I always sounded "tinny", shallow and nazal. One day, about 5 months into the diet, I discovered I could sing as good as my mother! And I've been singing ever since.

\tAround this time I had one person who was particularly vehement about my flatulence. I also realized that singing at dinner clubs as I was now preparing myself to do wouldn't go over too well if I was farting all around the diners' tables. I furthermore surmized that the digestive tract actually starts at the sinuses and ends at the anus. I still had some residual problems with my sinuses that made it so I'd choke sometimes in the middle of singing a song, obviously something I had to eliminate to achieve my goal. So I got serious about resolving the problem with flatulence once and for all.

\tThis remarkable diet seemed to hold the promise of curing all--let me repeat that, ALL--chronic illness, so why did it still not cure my flatulence? It struck me that the problem must be in the colon. That is, after decades of relatively poor diet, I had created a problem that now perpetuated itself in a relatively isolated but very important part of my digestive tract.

\tThe solution was obvious: enemas. Studying my stools, I noticed there was always some diarrhea at the end. This was a clear indication of candida, the yeast virus. I did a little studying and decided on a mix of 4 parts water to 1 part hydrogen peroxide for my enemas. Hydrogen peroxide may sound scary, but it's nothing more than molecules comprised of two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen. When it breaks down, it gives off one molecule of water (which is two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen) and an oxygen ion. Those oxygen ions could oxidize the candida and thus kill it. (I should probably add that one should be careful of such enemas and it would be wise to consult a professional before proceeding.)

\tThe first night I took the enema was pretty uneventful. The second night, however, was quite the opposite. I flushed out my entire colon, stuff that had been caked on to the sides of it perhaps for years. After that I started bleeding like a woman on her period (I can now sympathize!). I started to have bowel movement of nothing but a few small blood clots. My bowel movements were very frequent, and continued to be so for perhaps 8 or 9 days. It wasn't until about 30 hours after my massive evacuation of my colon that I had a normal bowel movement.

\tThe bleeding, however, continued for about 5 days. That was followed by dripping bile for a day or two. By about the 8th day I started having regular bowel movements (with stool) every hour or less. Around this time I noticed that whenever I started to have gas, I needed to have a bowel movement. By about the 10th day, however, my bowel movements normalized. Incidentally, when I say "normalized", I mean 3 or 4 bowel movements a day...not the one a day I had been having before. One bowel movement a day is called "constipation". During this whole time, my problem with flatulence was eliminated and has never returned.

\tI can't even begin to tell you how delighted I am! I now have NO health problems of any sort! I never get ill. I never worry about AIDS, H1N1 or any of the other man-made viruses. Although enemas resolved my problem with flatulence, others may want to consider using them in addition to the 80/10/10 diet. DIET IS THE FOUNDATION. Enemas helped me and may help many more, although I hasten to add that I don't believe they're necessary after one has changed to the correct diet and cleansed the colon.

\tPlease feel free to share this, post this and send it to whomever. I only ask that you don't change the contents of this article and that you credit me with its authorship.


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Joining a forum to promote your product earns little respect. As I'm sure you are aware, forums such as this cost money to operate. Better to contact the forum admins and ask about buying advertizing space than to use what others have already paid for to shill you product.
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Why thank you for all your hard work in cutting and pasting.

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