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Jennifer C 07-20-2013 05:15 PM

This area is for posting cool vegetarian and vegan deals, contests, and other promotional items. 


You may ONLY post a deal here if you are a member with 50 posts or more. If you have fewer than 50 posts, your thread will be immediately deleted. The 50 post count is to ensure the area is helpful for members and not a spam area

What you can post:

  • Contests or giveaways other members may be interested in. 
  • Sales at veggie-minded stores.
  • Coupons for veggie-minded products.
  • Links to any of the above.


Example of what TO posts: 

  • Vegan store is having a 50% off sale!
  • Check out this cool giveaway at [insert site] - they're giving away vegan soap!
  • I just found a great coupon for Boca burgers at... 


Example of what NOT to post:

  • Kitchen sinks unlimited is the best place to buy sinks.
  • I sure do love veggie burgers unlimited - they have the best food. (not a deal or contest - just a statement).
  • Have you read my book about vegetarians? Go buy it now! (not a deal or contest, just a self promotion).


To sum up:


There are some really great veggie coupons, giveaways and deals out there, so we want the community to know about them, but please keep the above in mind when posting. If this area is abused, we'll delete it. 


Questions about what is ok to post? PM Jennifer

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