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Australien's Avatar Australien
03:57 AM 09-24-2008
I've got a bin full of veg scraps, anyone know what I need to do with it to make compost?
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04:18 AM 09-24-2008
Boil them up and eat them... Mmmm yum...
erin84's Avatar erin84
04:42 AM 09-24-2008
1. See multiple threads in the "digging in the dirt" forum

2. Michael started a composting forum about 2 months ago, look up the links.

The search function is your friend, please use it.
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GhostUser's Avatar GhostUser
05:50 AM 09-24-2008
Perhaps the OP is interested in interaction, not just research, which is why he joined an online forum instead of just looking for a website concerned with composting. Just a thought.
08:29 AM 09-24-2008
this is just the sort of thing that the new composting forum deals with. please have a read over there:
Dana in IN's Avatar Dana in IN
08:32 AM 09-24-2008
We have a bin in our backyard that we now use for compost but we started when we were in an apartment. Our builiding backed up to train tracks (yes it was very noisy!) so my husband went out near the tracks, dug a hole, and started putting all our scraps there. It doesn't take much effort.

Now that we have a bin (really just a separated part of our yard) we throw our scraps in there, every now and then tear up newspaper and throw that it, and us a pitchfork about every 1-2 months to turn over the items. That's it.

It depends where you live though. My parents live out in the country with a lot of "critters" around so they had to buy a closed compost bin so that they didn't attract all the local wildlife.
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