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Brandon 05-10-2007 10:33 PM

Originally Posted by tallboy View Post

this is like the free association thread, only better, and with music.

i start off with a song title. say, 'king of carrot flowers by neutral milk hotel.' the next person has to post another song that contains one of the words in the title i named. so the next person would say something like 'the rain KING by the counting crows.' see the connection?

you have to give the title of the song and the artist accurately. you can't say 'that one song with the chorus that goes something like dadadadadadadadadDUM! and it has a lyric in there about a king. maybe.' that would be against the rules.

also, you can only match words IN THE TITLE OF THE SONG, not the artist. if i said 'all mixed up by the red house painters,' you couldn't use 'red,' 'house,' or 'painters' to make another connection. make sense?

it goes without saying that you can't make up names of songs and bands that don't exist. of course there is no way to check every single song title and artist, so be honest. i mean really.

ok. let's go.

I had the last one with

Time Won't Let Me- Outsiders

Keep on Threading!!!

kingsnorkie 05-10-2007 10:38 PM

Live and let die- Paul McCartney and Wings/ Guns and Roses

jenna 05-10-2007 11:14 PM

let's get it on -- marvin gaye

Brandon 05-10-2007 11:16 PM

Come Get to This- Marvin Gaye

jenna 05-10-2007 11:18 PM

here comes the rain again -- eurythmics

kingsnorkie 05-10-2007 11:20 PM

Come as you are- Nirvana

jenna 05-10-2007 11:27 PM

we are finding who we are -- king's x

Brandon 05-10-2007 11:38 PM

Who Are You- The Who

kingsnorkie 05-10-2007 11:41 PM

Are You Gonna Go My Way- Lenny Kravitz (ugh)

jenna 05-10-2007 11:43 PM

never gonna find us -- bird york

kingsnorkie 05-10-2007 11:51 PM

I'll Never Be the Same- King's X

HandcuffedAngel 05-10-2007 11:52 PM

I'll Never Break Your Heart - Backstreet Boys

[gag me with a spoon]

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 12:11 AM

Never Say Goodbye- Bon Jovi

HandcuffedAngel 05-11-2007 12:17 AM

Saying Goodbye - Sugarcult

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 12:24 AM

Say Goodbye- Dave Matthews Band

HandcuffedAngel 05-11-2007 12:27 AM

Goodbye To Romance - Ozzy Osbourne

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 12:31 AM

Listening To Otis Redding At Home During Christmas- Okkervil River

HandcuffedAngel 05-11-2007 12:40 AM

It's Christmas Time - Blink 182

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 12:44 AM

Got the Time- Anthrax

HandcuffedAngel 05-11-2007 12:46 AM

Time What Is Time - Blind Guardian

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 12:57 AM

Closing Time - Semisonic

HandcuffedAngel 05-11-2007 12:58 AM

[Good song!]

In Closing - 12 Stones

kingsnorkie 05-11-2007 01:02 AM


In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel

Brandon 05-11-2007 06:29 AM

Eyes Without A Face- Billy Idol

harper 05-11-2007 06:59 AM

God Put a Smile Upon Your Face - Coldplay

Brandon 05-11-2007 07:07 AM

When You Smile- The Flaming Lips

harper 05-11-2007 08:38 AM

When the Day is Short - Martha Wainwright

Brandon 05-11-2007 08:54 AM

When Will I See You Again?- Marcia Griffiths

harper 05-11-2007 09:01 AM

Here Comes the Sun Again - M. Ward

mazikeen 05-11-2007 09:05 AM

Let the Sun Set On Life Forever - Primordial

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