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That is awesome!
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Very cool. Thanks for sharing.
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Very well spoken. Now, if only we could get government to listen to it.
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Whats he say? Id like to hear it but the sound of his voice makes me want to climb a tower and start shooting! *just me*
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An OUTTAKE by Harvey Fierstein

I don't believe in heaven.

In fact, I don't believe in any sort of conscious


More to the point, I don't believe in God. Or Gods. Or


But I pray every day. Sometimes more than once a day. And I

operate under a complicated belief system pretty much of my

own device which I base on scientific laws and humanistic

principles. And, all in all, it works for me.

I tell you this not to seek converts or to invite any

discussion of any specific religion. I just want you to know

that my beliefs might seem just as silly to you as yours do

to me. And that's cool.

We are lucky enough to be living in a country that not only

guarantees the freedom to practice religion as we see fit,

but also freedom FROM religious zealots who would persecute

and prosecute and even physically harm those of us who do

not believe as they do.

You say, Good, kind, God fearing people don't go around

killing non-believers? I quote the immortal words of Monty

Python, "No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition!" No

one ever expects it, but that's what they usually get. Look to the

Middle East. Look to Ireland. Look to Brooklyn.

More wars have been fought in the name of religion than any

other cause. More people have been persecuted, reputations

ruined, and fortunes plundered and murders committed in the

name of religion than any other enterprise. And more every

day bigotry and prejudice is founded on what religion a

person follows than any other factor.

A nun walks into a room and automatically cut her some

slack and give her a modicum of respect. Conversely, a man

tells you he thinks God is a bunch of superstitious hooey

and you start looking to the sky for a lightning bolt

to appear.

Now the atheist may in fact be a Nobel Prize winner who has

spent his life in service of mankind. He may be the noblest

being who has ever walked the earth. But if you had to

leave your wallet with either this guy who says there is no

God, or with the Nun who says, "Bless you, my child" with

beatific smile, who you gonna trust with your hard earned

cash? That my friends, is how prejudice works.

The world has learned in recent years that just because

you're a priest doesnt mean you can't be a child rapist.

In fact, the Catholic Church is the only organization on

record to dispense money from a slush fund set up solely

for the paying off of abused children's families. So

always remember you cannot judge a man by his collar.

Anyway, it's supposed to be different in America, but is


We live in a land where to wince at the phrase "God bless

America" makes you somehow suspect.

If you refuse to salute the flag and say GOD in your pledge

you're actually judged un-American.

But thats not the way America is supposed to be. That's the

way Iran is. And after two hundred billion of our tax

dollars that's the way Iraq is again.

Predicating patriotism on a citizen's belief in God is as

anti-American as judging him on the color of his skin. It

is wrong. It is useless. And it is unconstitutional. So how

did we get stuck with a president who does it every day of

the week?

Forget believing in God. How about thinking for yourself on

any subject!! In May of this year, an American Catholic

Archbishop decreed that any parishioner under his

jurisdiction who votes for a pro-choice, pro-gay rights or

pro-stem cell research candidate may NOT TAKE COMMUNION. In

other words, you go to hell if you don't vote the way the

Catholic Church wants you to vote. Are you getting my

point yet?

Bottom line - I don't care what you believe, or what church

you attend, or how religion-oriented your private life is.

Keep it out of my government.

Keep it out of my laws.

Keep it out of my bedroom.

And keep it out of the war rooms at the Pentagon!

What you believe and how you worship is a matter between

you and your higher power whatever that means to you.

So how about this: You don't tell me I'm going to hell, and

I won't tell you the Emperor has no clothes. Deal?

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that was pretty cool

* This post may contain pork, beef and fingers of undocumented workers. This post was manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts.
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