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I think the author is getting is too much cortisol from all that milk they're drinking...

Maybe should be checked for mad cow disease or something ...
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Originally Posted by veggieveggie View Post
Vegetarianism is a word that was probably adapted by westerners (I'm one, btw) to indicate that they were following a satvik way of life, or diet.

Satvik is a term used by easterners who follow the teachings of saints and mahatmas, all who explain that higher levels of consciousness can be achieved, but that this process requires a foundation called satvik living, a big part of which is a diet of fruits, grains, milk, vegetables, legumes etc, but no dead animal products.

So westerners drawn to the teachings of living saints don't call themselves 'satviks', they call themselves vegetarians.

That's one explanation for the word vegetarian itself. It has meaning - to follow a lifestyle that serves as the foundation for higher mental and spiritual achievements.

Eggs, animal rennet, and other dead animal products prevent this 'evolution' of conscious from happening, according to these teachers. That's why the saints and mahatmas tell us these things, not because they have nothing better to do.

But anyone really interested in truth, in understanding, in the process of 'know thyself' will intuitively understand this. No one has to tell them, they just start living a vegetarian life. They do it because they know it's the right thing to do, if they want to develop their 'self' or personhood.

The egg thing, it's so old hat really.
First of all you can be vegetarian and eat eggs. I'm a vegetarian and I don't eat eggs but eggs is not considered meat. Eggs sold are not fertilized. And you are completely wrong, I'm Indian and westerners did not adopt anything if westerners never came in contact with India there would still be vegetarians in the western world. There were vegetarians in ancient Greece and ancient Egypt (maybe not many but there is still evidence of it.) There are many Indian vegetarians that eat eggs. There are many different forms of vegetarians. If you do not eat any meat you are vegetarian regardless if you eat eggs or not. We should be supporting other vegetarians and not put them down.

And why are you arguing about the Satvik diet when you drink milk? Milk is sinful in the satvik diet since cows are scared.
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Originally Posted by veggieveggie View Post
not all dairy farms work that way

some people look after their cows

ever been to india, the cows are sacred…most of the country is vegetarian, and they all consume milk, except the vegans of course.

so stop identifying solely with the ignoramuses of the world...
I thought you said you were a westerner, so I did not assume you got your dairy products from India.

I've been vegan for a decade, and I'm Buddhist, so I'm well aware of ahimsa dairy. I'm not aware of any commercial cruelty-free dairy existing in the US. Would you share the farm you purchase your dairy products from?

In addition, when you eat away from home, do you source your dairy? If this is possible where you live, please let us in on your secrets for doing so. I'd like to share them with my lacto-vegetarisn friends.
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I know that Jains don't eat eggs as it is against their principles to eat any kind of animal matter, and and egg does contain animal 'matter'. An unfertilized egg, however, is not a foetus but it is a collection of cells and therefore not acceptable to Jains. The following link is quite interesting:

"Parthenogenesis refers to the ability of unfertilized chicken and turkey eggs to develop embryos"

India does tend to consider vegetarian to mean what we call lacto-veg, i.e. milk but no eggs. In my personal opinion I would consider both eggs and dairy to be vegetarian, but then *disclaimer* I'm vegan.
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Originally Posted by veggieveggie View Post
not all dairy farms work that way

some people look after their cows

ever been to india, the cows are sacred…most of the country is vegetarian, and they all consume milk, except the vegans of course.

so stop identifying solely with the ignoramuses of the world.
Check out this study on lactose tolerance in India. (And didn't your mother ever tell you it is rude to name-call?)

“When I became interested in this project, everybody said ‘Everyone in India drinks milk,’” Gallego Romero said. “But when we got the results, we said, ‘No, only 18 percent of people in India are digesting milk, nobody else is.’”

The mystery then is why so many people believe themselves to be lactose tolerant when they are in fact genetically unable to produce lactase into adulthood. One theory is that non-Europeans experience less severe symptoms of lactose intolerance, and thus may not notice the consequences of failing to digest dairy as much. Another answer comes from how Indians prepare their milk – often fermenting it to use as yogurt or paneer, which breaks down the lactose within.

“I guarantee you that if you make most Indians drink a big glass of milk, they will not come back to you saying everyone in India drinks milk any more,” Gallego Romero said.""
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Originally Posted by veggieveggie View Post
what has this got to do with vegetarianism? you have to understand, vegetarianism is a way of life, followed for the most part, by spiritual aspirants. because a spiritual aspirant will be very carefull not to eat anything that drags their consciousness down. the world itself can do that, and trying to follow a pure diet only serves as a foundation, but it is the foundation.
My reason for embracing vegetarianism is to avoid harming animals. Maybe that makes me a spiritual aspirant.

It is true that in some cultures, eggs (even unfertilized eggs) are not considered vegetarian. I think this is the view held in India; perhaps that is your background. Most people I know (both vegetarian and meat eaters) agree that eating eggs does not make someone non-vegetarian, but it does make them non-vegan. I once was okay with eating unfertilized eggs, but stopped doing that because of the way the chickens who produce them are treated. I stopped consuming milk for a similar reason (the way the cows are treated, as some pointed out in this thread).

Edited to add: I should have read this whole thread before replying. Quiet Vegan made quite a few of my points first. Interesting link about parthenogenesis, Q-V.
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Peasant (1963-1972) and Fluffy (1970s?-1982- I think of you as 'Ambrose' now)- Your spirits outshone some humans I have known. Be happy forever.

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Originally Posted by veggieveggie View Post
if you plant an egg in the ground, will it grow?

obviously not.
Does milk? I don't see any milk trees anywhere...

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Moderator message: This thread is now locked as VB rules are persistantly being ignored by posters. Leedsveg.
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