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Fatman 08-23-2011 02:44 PM

I have two bumper stickers that could be considered offensive to some in the majority liberal area that I have to drive through.
one says
100% anti obama
the other
How do you like your change now Dumbass

so, Im on the exit ramp sitting at the light and this car pulls from behind me and up next to me and there is an african american gentleman holding the middle finger out at me because of the. ( he was commenting on them, this is how I knew)
behind us was an unmarked police car,
The officer lit up the lights, pointed the african american gentleman over, then pointed me over.
Evidently flipping the finger is a form of assault (God only knows how many I have assaulted on the beltway at this rate)
He spoke to the offended individual for a few moments, then walked back to me. He explained that the stickers could be found offensive, even though they were legal, he then asked if I wanted to press charges for the finger assault.
I laughed and said no. I told him I was a conservative and would rather uphold the rights to free speech than to see someone get fined for executing their right.
he let us both go..

Whats interesting is that since I put those two stickers on, I have had more people come by me laughing and waving, or smiling and waving or just giving me a thumbs up.

I need more offensive stickers.

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