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otomik 04-29-2011 10:44 AM

Let's get an update, now, on Libya and the besieged port city of Misurata. It's seen some of the heaviest fighting between rebels and the forces of more Moammar Gadhafi. And there are reports that a NATO air strike has mistakenly hit the rebel position there.

Joining us on her satellite phone, now, from Misurata is Marie Colvin of the Sunday Times of London.

And what can you tell us about that NATO air strike?

Ms. MARIE COLVIN (Correspondent, Sunday Times of London): Well, I was out there last night. It happened about mid-afternoon. NATO had bombed the coast right by the port. Gadhafi's troops had actually tried to make an end run from the east, to attack Misurata. NATO had stopped them on Tuesday. Yesterday, the rebels had gone in and taken that position as a blocking point. They put up a big rebel flag, which is the old Libyan flag, and also put N on top of their vehicles. And they thought that their position had been called in.

Late in the afternoon, NATO plane came in and two missiles went right into their position, (unintelligible) factory. Eleven dead.

The rebels, since then, have tried to almost play it down, because to them what's important is the struggle against Gadhafi. But it does show, you know, how difficult it is for NATO to distinguish between Gadhafi's forces and rebels fighting his forces.

that's refreshing that some people still have a helpful attitude about these things. reminds me of that episode of the sarah silverman program where she hits osama bin laden with her car.

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