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smile:]_ 06-03-2009 05:30 PM

Ive always wanted to go overseas and at my old school they offered HEAPS of exchanges, but I had to shift expectantly and my new school doesnt offer anything in the way of exchanges. So Ive started doing my own research and have found a few good looking programmes. Ive decided Id like to go to England or the USA because theyre english speaking countries and England is where my family comes from.

Can anyone (especially Kiwi's who are now oversea's) give me some advice on what I should think about, do, be prepared for, just anything. Pretty please. I know its a big thing to think about and prepare for as a 15yr old but Im very very keen on the idea and once I get an idea in my head I nearly always make it happen.

Also, how well will I get on in America as a nearly vegan, I know most of you are from there or have experiences there so please give me some advice.

Thanks guys and sorry its so damn long.

Bells 06-04-2009 04:25 AM

If you are coming to the US, how easy it will to be vegan will mostly depend on where your family lives. If you are placed near a city, you should be just fine, but if you are placed in some place more rural.... you might have a harder time. It's definitely doable, though, and usually, if you tell your exchange program about your needs, they will most likely be able to find you a family that can accommodate them.

I don't really have much advice other than good luck and have fun! I am sure you will be just fine no matter where you choose to go.

MrFalafel 06-04-2009 04:51 AM

You don't need your school to set this up for you, do it yourself with these people:

smile:]_ 06-05-2009 03:41 PM

Thanks MrFalafel, they were one of 2 organisations Id found that looked good that Ive emailed for more info. Bells, thanks, I did tell both places I emailed that I dont eat meat at all so hopefully theyll give me a good placement.

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