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#1 Old 03-14-2003, 11:01 AM
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One of Avalon's posts made me think of this. Would you want to know all of the possible ethic groups that are in your makeup? Maybe you are part Native American and don't know it. Maybe you are part Kurd. Who knows? Some scientists can tell you.

For $245, you can get a genetic test that will tell you all of your historical makeup. There are some bioethical issues that this thing brings up, like what does it mean to belong to a particular group, could this be used to discriminate or include people in groups like Native Americans who maybe shouldn't? Does this reinforce ideas about belonging to a group (good and bad?)

Particularly useful for determining ancient migration and, if compared to another sample, establishing maternal genealogical lineages.

The participant collects DNA using our convenient GeneSwab Collection Kit and then sends that sample to our laboratory. The laboratory sequences an area of the persons mitochondrial DNA over 400 base pairs long. The sequence is then compared to a standard index to indicate the persons long distance heritage or, if compared to another, to indicate how closely the two individuals are related.

mtDNA sequencing provides researchers (i.e., forensic scientists, evolutionary biologists, genealogists, and anthropologists) a useful tool for studying human migration patterns, evolution, maternally linked relationships and identification.

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My mother has been following her family tree back to 1450. From just the one name [Brenchley] I now have 120,000 relatives I didn't know I had. All over England, US and Australia.

My dad has a weird blood type. He's supposed to carry a warning card. It's only found among mexicans. No one in his family had ever met a mexican and were surprised to learn about it when he went into the army. Aspersions were cast
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#3 Old 03-15-2003, 01:10 AM
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That's really interesting. I wish I could afford that kind of thing. I always wondered who's been effin who.

For ezzample my Jewish mudder and fodder both were utterly convinced they were all Jewish. But by lookin attem, you could tell that not so long ago, the locals where they came from, were busy effin with their anssesters. My fodder's mudder, who was convinced she was 100 percent Jewish, and who came from Austria -- looked a lot more like an Austrian than a Jew. She had that kind of soft skin that was very pale and got rosy at the cheeks and the blue-blue eyes that some kindsa Austrian's have is typical of them. Whilst my mudder's mudder, who came from Russia, looked awfully damn like the way I see some russians look. Somebody been effin with my ancesstors.

Jewish custom is that if a Jewish girl get's knocked up by god know who -- the baby be Jewish. Don't matter who the faddr is. No questions asked. I figer lotsa jewish girls got knocked up by god knows who. But their babies be jewish. Thing is -- they never even thought about that kind of thing apparently or mentioned it to us chilluns. The way they talked -- Jewish girls got with Jewish boys and Jewish boys got with Jewish girls and nothing else was even physically possible. But now i realize this was more wishful thinking than reality. So I wonder just exactly what percent Austrian, Russian, Polish, and Romanian I am -- despite the fact that my parents told me I am 100 percent Jewish. PRobably Spanish too, because before Jews lived in eastern Europe, huge numbers lived in spain and left en-masse during the inkyzition or something.
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#4 Old 03-15-2003, 10:41 AM
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I've always wondered what people mean by, "I'm a... French Jew, Polish Jew, etc." Do they mean their family lived in those areas, or that they are also part those ethnicities. I have known many Jews with blonde hair, freckles, straight hair, blue eyes, etc.
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#5 Old 03-15-2003, 12:23 PM
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"I've always wondered what people mean by, "I'm a... French Jew, Polish Jew, etc"

US Jews just mean that their ancestors came to the United States from the stated place, France, Poland, etc, and had lived there for awhile before coming to the US.

Has nothing to do with physical characteristics and everything to do with cultural background. Russian Jews ate borscht, and potatoes, drank tea out of glasses instead of cups, and cut their hair in Russian styles; or at least knew about such things; French Jews ate souffles; German Jews ate egg-noodles and sauerkraut.
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#6 Old 03-15-2003, 07:34 PM
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If I got that test they'd just send me a letter saying, "Sorry. You're just a mutt. Can't figure out ethnicity because you're too many different things."
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#7 Old 03-16-2003, 05:08 PM
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This is an interesting idea. There are so many things to consider something like this could really change your life. I'm not sure if I'd want to do this (right now I cant even consider it financially, but I'm talking about if it was an option). I'm pretty happy w/my cultural background & who I am. Its such a huge part of who I am that I think it might be weird to learn that I'm actually of some other backgrounds as well. Definitely a neat concept though!
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#8 Old 03-17-2003, 04:29 AM
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AFAIK were all family. You all are part of my family.

1- we all stem from adam and eve. (and/or)

2- we all stem from the original homo sapiens.
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#9 Old 03-17-2003, 09:49 AM
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I would completely want to take that test. I don't know that I $300 worth of want to take it, but if I had the cash I'd be there.

I've always wanted desperately to say I have some kind of claim to some heritage more interesting than I have. I'm just a british civil war in the making, as far as I know- English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish. I'm whiter than white.

I have always kind of been ashamed of that, in a way- as my ancestors have been involved in some really unethical sh*t over the centuries. Genocide, etc.

I always wanted to be Native American, mostly. Or to find out I have Spanish roots, or something. But I doubt it. I even look like a saxon whitey white girl all the way...
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#10 Old 03-17-2003, 06:48 PM
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"I have always kind of been ashamed of that, in a way- as my ancestors have been involved in some really unethical sh*t over the centuries. Genocide, etc."

Thre is no reason for you to be ashamed. You have no control over what your progenitors, or anybody, did in the past, and no responsibility. If you have specific knowledge that a specific ancestor, from whom you inherited property, stole the property, you might want to consider somehow returning it, or something of equal value, to the heirs of whomever he stole it from. But you are not legally or morally, in my opinion, under any obligation to do so. And you certainly should not apologise for something that somebody else did. Now if your children harm someone, you have some responsibility for what they do.

People doing things that are unethical and immoral, just because they had the power to do so and get away with it, have belonged to numerous ethnic group, and numerous genetic varieties. Immorality is hardly something that the white man invented.

Some simplistic people like to talk about slavery in the United States, as if white people did the enslaving, and black people were the enslaved but this is simply not the whole truth. The center of the slave trade of Africans, in Lagos, was a center of slave trade before white Europeans discovered it. Black people of one social status, or ethnic group, or genetic group, bought and sold black people of other social classes, ethnic groups, and genetic makeup. Black parents traded sold their children, or gave their children to creditors in return for having the loan cleared.

At one point, one pope told the portugese traders who saw the lively slave market, and wanted some of the merchandising action for themselves, that they could not buy slaves from people did not normally trade in slaves, and that it was only ethical to buy or seize people for trading as slaves, from ethnic groups who had slave-trading as part of their culture, and might have sold the children that the Portugese traders was considering buy, or steal, to some other black person, if the white Portugese traders didn't buy them first. No doubt some of the portugese traders were convinced that should these people be sold to another black ethnic group, or to another class-ranking within the same group, that they might be treated worse than if they were sold to white Europeans or white new-world buyers.

Of course this is just a pretext to assuage some of the guilt they felt about trading in slaves. And of course many traders didn't exactly follow the pope's prescription meticulously. I'm just trying to make the point that things aren't as simple as high-school teachers like to make it for high school students.

I believe the Aztecs of higher classes owned slaves of lower classes. The north american pre-Columbians did not appear to trade in slaves, but they did sometimes use force to make other N americans pre-columbians people to perform labor, for years, without allowing them to keep the products of their labor.
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#11 Old 03-17-2003, 06:58 PM
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I only want to be tested because I think it would be interesting. It wouldn't change what I thought about myself, as I already try to avoid feeling that I ought to do something because that's what people of "my group" do. Generally I try to base decisions re what to do, on my analysis of the possible consequences, rather than on whether or not a snaphot of me doing it, will make a good snapshot.
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