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I hope I'm posting this in the correct spot but I wanted to get to know VB-ers better! So I thought of filling out a little survey, and in your replies you fill it out, too. Is that alright? I hope I don't seem creepy. At any rate, here it goes:

Favourite Colour(s): green (forest green)

Season(s): winter

Flower(s): lotus

Film(s): The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Ladies in Lavender, The Color Purple, Amistad & Mrs. Doubtfire

Food(s): Gardener's Pie, Indian food

Snack(s): chana, cucumber sandwiches

Jam(s): Gran-Gran's homemade peach jam

Beverage(s): hot cocoa

Tea(s): white tea, Indian chai

Vegetable/Fruit: avocado, pumpkin, peaches anything pomaceous (apples, quinces, pears etc.) & sweet potato, spinach and squash.

Animal(s): All! (especially elephants & nightingales)

Spiritual affiliation(s): Eclecticism (A mixture of Buddhism, Wicca, Taoism and Christianity)

Tree(s): Willow

Gemstone(s): Peridots
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Ohh I love surveys.

Favourite Colour(s): black

Season(s): fall

Flower(s): I like all of them.

Film(s): I have many but just to name a few: The Crow, Equilibrium, Donnie Darko, Super Troopers, Boondock Saints, Juno, Hard Candy

Food(s): vegan cheese pizza, Indian food, sesame tofu

Snack(s): chickpea crunchies, any fruit


Beverage(s): flavored water, flavored soy/almond milks

Tea(s): chai with soymilk

Vegetable/Fruit: broccoli, pineapple/any berry

Animal(s): cats/dogs

Spiritual affiliation(s): none

Tree(s): lilac (not sure if thats a tree or a bush??)

Gemstone(s): don't really have a favorite
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Favourite Color(s): golden yellow

Season(s): Spring

Flower(s): gardenia, jasmine, heliocereus, osmanthus

Film(s): Young Frankenstein, Shadow of a Doubt, Now Voyager

Food(s): falafel

Snack(s): freeze-dried blueberries

Jam(s): my Gramma's homemade plum jam, from her home grown red plums

Beverage(s): fizzy lemonade

Tea(s): rooibos

Vegetable/Fruit: artichokes/peaches

Animal(s): I love them all

Spiritual affiliation(s): none

Tree(s): gingko, lemon, redwood

Gemstone(s): ruby
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Favourite Colour(s): Black & lilac

Season(s): Spring and summer

Flower(s): lilac, tiger lily, iris'

Film(s): Princess bride, Labrynth, Braveheart

Food(s): Pizza

Snack(s): fruit salad

Jam(s): blueberry

Beverage(s): water

Tea(s): green tea

Vegetable/Fruit: cucumber/strawberries

Animal(s): Well I love them all, but I have an obsession with zebras

Spiritual affiliation(s): I kinda do my own thing, but I take aspects from different religions (Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity)

Tree(s): Weeping willow

Gemstone(s): I like emeralds and saphires
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Favourite Colour(s): yellow

Season(s): winter

Flower(s): lilacs

Film(s): Baby Boom, Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Food(s): Pasta, seitan, mashed potatoes

Snack(s): soy ice cream and chocolate

Jam(s): peach, seedless strawberry

Beverage(s): coffee

Tea(s): English Breakfast

Vegetable/Fruit: watermelon, broccoli

Animal(s): goats, cats, birds

Spiritual affiliation(s): Christianity

Tree(s): Willow

Gemstone(s): Blue Topaz...although I do have my eye on a particular canary diamond...
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Favourite Colour(s): Purple

Season(s): Cool weather. Early spring, Late fall.

Flower(s): Sun Flower

Film(s): This is too hard to pick!

Food(s): general.

Snack(s): This changes. I eat a snack food all the time for a while, get sick of it, and move on to something else. Currently I'm back on frozen strawberries.

Jam(s): none, really. Though I do love my great grand mothers home made freezer jelly. Does that count? It's strawberry.

Beverage(s): TEA!!

Tea(s): Any!

Vegetable/Fruit:, watermelon, cherries, berries...

Animal(s): All!

Spiritual affiliation(s): None

Tree(s): Oh, them all! I love trees I can't pick one.

Gemstone(s): I don't really have a favorite. Um, my birthstone is ruby, though.
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Favourite Colour(s): blue (summernight sky, see avatar)

Season(s): all (what's important to me is the change of seasons)

Flower(s): field poppy, cornflower, heartsease

Film(s): Cinema Paradiso (for example)

Food(s): artisan sourdough bread, tabbouleh (with lots of fresh mint), anything spicy & vegan

Snack(s): apple (fav. Berlepsch), dark fair trade chocolate, roasted chestnuts

Jam(s): blueberry, rosehip, quince

Beverage(s): water, Bionade

Tea(s): rooibos, Indian chai

Vegetable/Fruit: chard, broccoli, kohlrabi avocado, peach, cherry, gooseberry, currant

Animal(s): butterfly

Spiritual affiliation(s): Christianity

Tree(s): birch forests

Gemstone(s): none
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Favourite Colour(s): green, white, red, black, blue

Season(s): Summer

Flower(s): I do not know any in particular

Film(s): IT, In the mouth of madness, Falling Down, Schidlers List, Hostel, What Dreams May Come, Beetle Juice, Fight Club, way too many haha

Food(s): Veggie Burgers, Rice, Corn, Plantains, Tofu haha

Snack(s): pineapple, apples, cherries, strawberries

Jam(s): Grape

Beverage(s): Diet Water haha and V8

Tea(s): Regular and Green

Vegetable/Fruit: Tomatos =)

Animal(s): All as well but favorite are Rats

Spiritual affiliation(s): pieces that I like from all of them

Tree(s): Oak

Gemstone(s): I dont have any
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Favourite Colour(s): Certain shades of reds. Not too pink!

Season(s): Winter, snowy

Flower(s): Lilies

Film(s): The Birdcage, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fairytale: A True Story, Labyrinth... etc.

Food(s): Crispy things like falafel or mushy things like sweet potatoes

Snack(s): Lara bars, banana, pineapple, a diet coke

Jam(s): Orange marmalade

Beverage(s): Icy water, hot/cold tea, different juices

Tea(s): green and black

Vegetable/Fruit: all kinds of potatoes/ every fruit except mangoes and most melons

Animal(s): Lots! Ferrets.

Spiritual affiliation(s): None

Tree(s): Willow, Dogwood, Cherry

Gemstone(s): I guess some opals..
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Favourite Colour(s): I'm going through a pink phase. I enjoy wearing green and blue though, and purple for eyeshadow? Seriously I like most colors.

Season(s): SUMMER.

Flower(s): Zantedeschia, Jack-In-The-Pulpit

Film(s): Forrest Gump, Amelie, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Pulp Fiction, Pans Labyrinth, Gone with the Wind...

Food(s): Fruit

Snack(s): Fruit...

Jam(s): Orange Marmalade or Cherry.. or Fig!

Beverage(s): Blueberry tea! Water with lemon is great too, or homemade smoothies

Tea(s): blueberry.. chai is nice too! I love all teas though.

Vegetable/Fruit: Um... oh my.. all? Melons, berries, citrus, apples, oranges, pears, onions, broccoli, spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, squashes, eggplants... I'm not a fan of sweet peppers, esp. Green ones.

Animal(s): Um, I'm more of a plant person... ughgh... most animals are really interesting though..

Spiritual affiliation(s): agnostic

Tree(s): Hmm.. the Fagus I suppose (Beech family)

Gemstone(s): Garnet or ruby I suppose..? I dont wear many stones.
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#11 Old 06-14-2008, 09:11 PM
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Location: Pennsylvania, US
Posts: 1,052
Favourite Colour(s): green (forest green)

Season(s): fall

Flower(s): can't say I really have one

Film(s): Lost in Translation, Fight Club, Night of the Living Dead

Food(s): Curry!

Snack(s): I'm addicted to french fries

Jam(s): Strawbert

Beverage(s): Coffee (very necessary)

Tea(s): lemon ginger

Vegetable/Fruit: tangelos

Animal(s): Bears and cats and dogs, oh my!

Spiritual affiliation(s): Perpetual state of confusion

Tree(s): Sequioa

Gemstone(s): none, really
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Favourite Colour(s): purple

Season(s): autumn and spring

Flower(s): lily, hibiscus, orchid

Film(s): PS I love You, 10 Things I Hate About You

Food(s): soups, sandwiches...

Snack(s): cereal or granola bar

Jam(s): strawberry

Beverage(s): hot cocoa

Tea(s): black tea

Vegetable/Fruit: melons

Animal(s): all, horses

Spiritual affiliation(s): Christian

Tree(s): Willow, Sycamore

Gemstone(s): saphires
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Location: Pluto (the planet)
Posts: 6,741
Favourite Colour(s): black or blue or red..actually just about anything except orange, yellow, or pink

Season(s): Indian Summer

Flower(s): orchids

Film(s): Apocalypse Now ((...or any other war movie, esp. Vietnam war)), Deathproof, and various Rockumentaries

Food(s): Rum

Snack(s): Coconut rum

Jam(s): I don't particularly like jam

Beverage(s): Diet Pepsi or diet Powerade

Tea(s): I like Sanka better, but Green tea is good too

Vegetable/Fruit: Tomato/tomato

Animal(s): Kittehs

Spiritual affiliation(s): Apathy

Tree(s): Weeping willows ((even though whenever I see one the only thing I can think of is my dad--who's a civil engineer telling me, "Those damn trees! The roots are such a pain in the ass!" Apparently their grow real deep and mess with plumbing systems and the like..thanks dad for the vital information))

Gemstone(s): my birthstone is Topaz, so I'll default with that

"you know, nowhere in the bible does it say that jesus was not a raptor"

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Favourite Colour(s): Pink!

Season(s): Spring. And Winter. Also Autumn. ...And Summer

Flower(s): Welsh poppy

Film(s): Blade

Food(s): Mexican and Indian

Snack(s): Toast and Marmite!

Jam(s): ...marmite?

Beverage(s): Water!

Tea(s): Just a glass of water please ^_^

Vegetable/Fruit: All veggies apart from celery, and grapes/tomatoes for fruit!

Animal(s): Guinea pigs

Spiritual affiliation(s): Eastern philosophies

Tree(s): Cherry trees

Gemstone(s): Anything shiny!
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Posts: 560
Favourite Colour(s): Purple

Season(s): Spring.

Flower(s): Lilac, magnolia or daffs

Film(s): loads...All About My Mother or most others by Almodovar, Amelie, etc etc etc...

Food(s): Anything Indian and veggie

Snack(s): vegan chocolate :P

Jam(s): blackcurrant

Beverage(s): Lemonade

Tea(s): Coconut and orange

Vegetable/Fruit: cauliflower and strawberries

Animal(s): Felines, esp. the domestic variety and Siberian tigers

Spiritual affiliation(s): Liberal/Reform Judaism

Tree(s): Willow, chestnut

Gemstone(s) ruby, amethyst
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#16 Old 06-15-2008, 12:10 PM
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Favourite Colour(s): green

Season(s): spring

Flower(s): stargazer lily and tulip

Film(s): Frequency, K-Pax, Big Fish, Reign Over Me

Food(s): penne pasta with marinara sauce, roasted potatoes, and broccoli

Snack(s): pretzels

Jam(s): strawberry-rhubarb

Beverage(s): cold water

Tea(s): peppermint (although I rarely drink tea)

Vegetable/Fruit: brussel sprouts, regular potatoes, sweet potato, edemame, strawberry, rhubarb, corn and kiwi

Animal(s): turtles, pigs, elephants, rabbits, horses

Spiritual affiliation(s): Christianity

Tree(s): Oak

Gemstone(s): Emerald
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#17 Old 06-15-2008, 12:17 PM
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Posts: 105
Favourite Colour(s): varies greatly.

Season(s): all of them... in moderation.

Flower(s): lilies

Film(s): Currently loving Into the Wild.

Food(s): fresh veggies and meatless mexican food

Snack(s): I don't really snack much (but sometimes I must have chocolate *hangs head in shame*

Jam(s): homemade, almost any kind

Beverage(s): water/ coffee

Tea(s): black spiced chai

Vegetable/Fruit: i'm supposed to pick some?! lots. that's my answer

Animal(s): *shrug* they're all just fine

Spiritual affiliation(s): a weird mix

Tree(s): nice, big healthy ones of almost any variety

Gemstone(s): gemstones are pretty, but not for me.
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#18 Old 06-15-2008, 12:44 PM
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Favourite Colour(s): Indigo and Silver

Season(s): Fall

Flower(s): Morning Glory

Film(s): MP's Life of Brian, Molly, Beetlejuice

Food(s): Pasta, Grilled Cheese

Snack(s): Milkshake

Jam(s): Traffic (nah...!)

Beverage(s): Water, or Milkshake

Tea(s): Sweet

Vegetable/Fruit: Potato, Pear, Brocelli

Animal(s): Most (Particularly Dogs, Rats, Horses, and Wolves) Oh and Octopus

Spiritual affiliation(s): Buddhism and Wicca

Tree(s): Willow, Palm

Gemstone(s): None
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#19 Old 06-15-2008, 12:49 PM
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Join Date: Feb 2008
Posts: 338
Favourite Colour(s): Yellow

Season(s): Autumn (Fall if you speak American )

Flower(s): Sunflower, Lupin, Tulips

Film(s): The Graduate, An American Werewolf in London, Little Miss Sunshine, About A Boy, Dr. Strangelove, Withnail & I, Spirited Away, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Food(s): Tomatoes, I can't get through a day without eating them in some form, I'm even growing my own this year.

Snack(s): Strawberries.

Jam(s): Rasberry, got this yummy French recipe recently it's gorgeous.

Beverage(s): Anything lemon flavour & hot strong tea, no sugar mmmmm

Tea(s): Punjana, at least three cups a day

Vegetable/Fruit: Again tomato, love peaches, plums, cucumbers & sweetcorn

Animal(s): Love them all but especially dogs, my dogs mean the world to me

Spiritual affiliation(s): Christianity

Tree(s): Willow, Oak, Silver birch....

Gemstone(s): Emerald (my birthstone)
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#20 Old 06-16-2008, 08:57 AM
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What a GREAT thread!!

Favourite Colour(s): Purple

Season(s): Summer

Flower(s): Lilacs, Lillies, Daisies, Dandelions, Tulips, Buttercups, Johnny Jump ups

Film(s): Oh Geez.... Cruel Intentions, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Into The Wild, Garden State, SuperBad, Juno, Anchorman, Grease 2, The Notebook...there's SO many

Food(s): Sushi!!

Snack(s): Chips

Jam(s): Raspberry for shizz or my aunts home-made crab apple

Beverage(s): Iced Green Tea

Tea(s): Green Tea, Raspberry

Vegetable/Fruit: Pineapple, Avocado, Asparagus, Eggplant, Broccoli, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Cucumbers, PICKLES!!, Cauliflower, olives, lettuce

Animal(s): All! Dogs and pigs are my fave!!

Spiritual affiliation(s): A little bit of everything all rolled into one and still growing, learning and experiencing more and more about each and every religon and belief I possibly can. It all comes down to love for me and peace of course as well as experience itself.

Tree(s): Climbing Trees....any kind as long as I can climb it!! Actually ANY tree, I love looking at trees and thinking about all the generations they've experienced and everything they've been through. Trees are amazing!!

Gemstone(s): Star Sapphires
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#21 Old 06-16-2008, 12:45 PM
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Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 35
Flower(s): Orchids of any sort.

Film(s): Recently - I really liked Paranoid Park

Amistad & Mrs. Doubtfire

Food(s): Cookies (chocolate chip)

Snack(s): See above

Beverage(s): Tea

Tea(s): Yerba Mate and mint

Vegetable/Fruit: Avocado

Spiritual affiliation(s): Anti-relativism // Liberating Tolerance
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#22 Old 06-17-2008, 11:32 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2003
Posts: 3,101
Favourite Colour(s): red

Season(s): summer

Flower(s): lilies

Film(s): Now and Then, Serenity, Instinct, The Last Unicorn

Food(s): any sort of Indian food, especially samosas!

Snack(s): fruit, raw veggies, leftovers

Jam(s): blackberry or mixed berry

Beverage(s): water, coffee, five alive

Tea(s): white tea, Indian chai

Vegetable/Fruit: avocado, tangerine, mango, pineapple, berries (any kind), mushrooms

Animal(s): dogs, ducks, butterflies, bumblebees

Spiritual affiliation(s): None

Tree(s): Willow, Crabapple, Maple

Gemstone(s): amethyst, sapphire

It's not in what you say, it's in what you do (Oasis)

Feeling bored? Why don't you wander over to my blog sometime.
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#23 Old 06-17-2008, 12:11 PM
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Join Date: Mar 2004
Posts: 18,833

Favourite Colour(s): green, grey, silver, black, white

Season(s):all but winter

Flower(s): tulips, lilies

Film(s): Too many to mention. Favorite is still Star Wars, Episode IV

Food(s): Thai or Indian

Snack(s): nuts, tortilla chips


Beverage(s): water, coffee, beer

Tea(s): iced (unsweet), black tea

Vegetable/Fruit: avocado, tomato, olives, mushrooms

Animal(s): love em all.

Spiritual affiliation(s): mix of Taoism and Buddhism

Tree(s): Magnolia

Gemstone(s): Peridot
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#24 Old 06-17-2008, 04:46 PM
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 363
Favourite Colour(s): red and black

Season(s): spring & summer (I love Oklahoma's springtime thunderstorms)

Flower(s): casablanca lilies & orchids

Film(s): Super Troopers, Office Space, Fight Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Finding Nemo, Cars... the list is endless

Food(s): french fries, hands down

Snack(s): cashews, tomatoes w/ salt, green olives

Jam(s): strawberry

Beverage(s): iced tea, dirty martini's and red wine

Tea(s): green tea or just plain ol' Lipton's

Vegetable/Fruit: tomatoes, olives, kiwi, strawberry, mango, all of them really, 'cept brussel sprouts

Animal(s): puppies (beacuse of their breath )

Spiritual affiliation(s): skeptic

Tree(s): magnolia, almond and willow

Gemstone(s): diamonds (girl's best friend, ya know!)
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#25 Old 06-19-2008, 06:00 PM
Join Date: Jun 2008
Posts: 1,228
Favourite Colour(s): none

Season(s): none (perhaps Autumn)

Flower(s): none

Film(s): National Treasure, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Hard Candy, V for Vendetta, Into The Wild, Cloverfield

Food(s): Pineapple Pizza Calzone

Snack(s): Ice-Cream

Jam(s): Strawberry

Beverage(s): Root Beer

Tea(s): none

Vegetable/Fruit: none

Animal(s): none

Spiritual affiliation(s): none

Tree(s): none

Gemstone(s): none
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#26 Old 06-20-2008, 10:35 AM
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Posts: 1,335
this is too cute an idea. I'm surprised there aren't more apple lovers out there! Lot of interesting movie choices out there. Dogma, into the wild was AWESOME.

Favourite Colour(s): green

Season(s): autumn

Flower(s): daisies

Film(s): Into the Wild, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Shine a Light

Food(s): spicy asian stuffs

Snack(s): chips and salsa/hummus, pickles

Jam(s): cranberry or mixed berry (heck yeah whoever said this first)

Beverage(s): water or mint iced tea, oh and wine

Tea(s): mint

Vegetable/Fruit: a fresh New York State Golden Delicious apple

Animal(s): gators, they're so cool in my opinion... but not as pets. Guinea piggies as pets

Spiritual affiliation(s): Catholic

Tree(s): hmm? big in-your-face oak trees

Gemstone(s): sapphire
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#27 Old 06-21-2008, 03:23 AM
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Posts: 845
puppies (beacuse of their breath )

I thought I was the only one who loved puppy breath!

colour(s): green

seasons(s): definately summer!

flower(s): bluebells

film(s): hmmm... I dont really have favourite films. Just feel good ones or comedies.

food(s): mashed potato! mushrooms and roast potatos. I love potatos!

snack(s): sauerkraut, pickled onions, sweet chilli kettle chips, dairy free chocolate spread alternative - out of the jar, no need to bother with bread! random, I know.

jam(s): boring old rasperry jam. I love marmalade as well, but I dont think that counts as jam...

beverage(s): chocolate/ strawberry soya milk.

tea(s): hibscus tea the bedouin way. made with four teaspoons of sugar per cup!

vegetable/ fruit: any except bananas. favourites are mushrooms, potatos, corn on the cob, broccoli and aubergine.

animals(s): any type of parrot, orangutans, sheep, chickens, house martins, actually any type of bird. Actually forget that, I love every animal. but not domestic cats as a species. or lice and parasitic worms.

spiritual affiliation(s): christian

tree(s): oak, scots pines.

gemstone(s): dunno really. I dont really care as long as they look pretty.
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#28 Old 06-21-2008, 09:29 AM
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 2,070
Favorite Colour(s) : Green, Brown, Emerald, Silver, Faded Purple, Chrome

Season(s) : spring

Flower(s) : giant tropical ones

Film(s) : Alot of anime, Naruto, Inuyasha, Full Metal Alchemist, Almost Famous, Hair, Woodstock, Mulholand Drive, Young Master, Drunken Master

Food(s) : idk probably veggie burger

Snack(s) : corn chips, onion rings, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, dried fruit, vegan chocolate

Jam(s) : Plum

Beverage(s) : spirulina, ginger beer, tea

Tea(s) : camomile

Vegetable/Fruit: avocado, berries, grapes, broccoli, tomato, kumara

Animal(s): penguins, hippos, whales, bears, sheep, monkeys, dogs, dog fish, cats, cat fish, octopi, pelicans, all animals

Spiritual Affiliation(s): Hinduism

Tree(s): Willow, Maple, Oak

Gemstone(s): N/A
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#29 Old 06-21-2008, 09:43 PM
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Originally Posted by luv4sheep View Post

I thought I was the only one who loved puppy breath!

You mean there's people who don't!?!
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#30 Old 06-22-2008, 02:45 AM
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Favourite Colour(s): Green

Season(s): Fall

Flower(s): Sweet peas.

Film(s): Gattaca, The Constant Gardener and Closer.

Food(s): Japanese, curries, and potatoes!

Snack(s): Uncle Eddies Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

Jam(s): Boysenberry

Beverage(s): Soy latte

Tea(s): Peppermint or barley tea.

Vegetable/Fruit: Pears, potatoes, peas and eggplant

Animal(s): Birds of all sort

Spiritual affiliation(s): Agnostic

Tree(s): Fig trees

Gemstone(s): aquamarine
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